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Walking Away

Walking Away

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In the middle of the night,

when I was struggling

to sleep for hours together,

the swollen eyes were literally

begging for a peaceful sleep,

when I was holding

my broken pieces between

the folds of the cringed bed sheet,

when I was cuddling

the pillow for warmth

and it didn’t fail to

return the same cold sweats,

when the walls suddenly

felt like walking towards me,

when it was literally

hurting in the throat and

a huge bulb was blocking the breathe,

my phone screen flashed

it's light with a beep sound.

As I was struggling hard

to make peace with our distance,

there you are again,

With the devilish smile playing on your lips,

a thundering sound fell on my ear,

"I am here to destroy you again"

Yet your eyes melt my broken heart,

I mistake it for a wax ball.

Now even I am weak emotionally,

I will not fall for your cheap tricks,

You have this habit of walking away,

and then come back out of the blue,

and pretend as if nothing happened.

I am not the same old tree,

you always speak about,

when your grandparents' topic comes up.

You would run around the tree

when you were upset,

since childhood to being a full grown man,

But only during summer holidays,

since your grandparents passed away,

did you ever bother to go and see the tree,

how lonely it would have felt,

when it saw the people dying around,

when the building crumbled in front of it.

Did you go to shelter it?

But I remember you were upset

because the last time you visited it,

it had shrunken and fallen leaves

had decayed on the earth,

you said you felt betrayed.


This has been your habit,

walking away when people need you,

and cry when you need people.

Neither did the tree nor did I

betray you, you betrayed us.

I deleted your text,

as soon as I saw your name on it.

I do not want any false assurance

and phony hopes to cling on.

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