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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Thoughts Of A Poet

Thoughts Of A Poet

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Weeping poet or lost,you may define me

Judge me right or wrong

You are too conscious to understand me

Did you ever smoke life,nature and your own self?

If not,then don't come forward to define the incorrect and unsaid

Old school or boring

Hopeless or crying

The friends you are surrounded by,fellow human

My sorrow is better than those shadows

With my songs,they are difficult to rhyme

Banquet of the finest moments

Sweet and fulfilling

Filled with glamour,filled with etiquette

You my darling,are so very covered in the cloak of the worldly courtesies

And then you define me simple and messed up

What are courtesies? What is etiquette?

What do they try to prove?

Do they decorate your insecurities under those costly coverings and pearls

Or do they make your pride stand above the high heels

Making your ego be shown in your eyes,under those eyelash curls?

Love of life or an entertainment for the present

No loyalty,no honesty

Just a body to fulfill your desires and cravings

A wine gets better in taste with time and years

The patience which is needed to enhance its flavor

The time which is needed to find the one to whom your chaos surrenders

The maturity which your mind needs to control your wild soul's wishes

To feel true love,to understand its complicates

You need to give time,but you are too lost in the generation's philosophy

Drunk to my own thoughts

Lost to find my own self

Walking a path that's so less known

A confused wanderer I'm,refusing to blindly go with the flow

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