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Misti Sarkar



Misti Sarkar


Those Days

Those Days

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Introverted self

Waiting for the happy moments to end

Each day going to the same place

Where heaven felt like hell

Maybe I was too numb to feel

Later, time made my senses heal

The heaven which I have to find in the generation's race

Is so not true than the bliss of those days

When every heartfelt emotion was realistic

And used to be the reality of our lives

Each day, in midst of endless talks and excited taste buds

Our happiness we used to find

I remember how I sat near the walls to hide

Now I think how amongst the unknown faces I can strive

I remember how our goal to pass was the biggest task of those


Now I don't understand why striving doesn't give me a life

Maybe it is just a mere realisation

Just a mere wish to live the past

Where everything was well

Where every joy was present

But the time ran too fast

Now, it’s all over.

Those innocent hearts are matured

I do feel their coldness when they come across

It’s all changed; it’s just the reality now

But to those carefree days

I don't hesitate to bow

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