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Kaartika Chitturi



Kaartika Chitturi




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When his heartbreaks and attacks his brain,

He caves into his terrible thoughts.

Craving for a cure to numb his pain,

He finds himself at his addiction,

And lets his promises go down in vain.


He ignores the cautions fed to his mind,

He was as good as a blind mouse in a maze.

He inhales and exhales, memories rewind

He finds pleasure in the toxic gas, along with

A short sweetness and a lingering bitterness left behind.


The vibrant colors of his life descend

To distorted, exploding fumes of smoke.

What once was a promising road ahead

It seems to be blurry, almost unable to see.

Perhaps it’s because he’s reaching the end.


It was burning his fingers, among

His relationship,

His future and his lungs,

He’s not growing any older,

Just dying young. Way too young.

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