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Kaartika Chitturi

Drama Inspirational


Kaartika Chitturi

Drama Inspirational

I Have A Dream

I Have A Dream

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I have a dream; I want to fly.

I want to be in control of the sky.

I want to navigate through the labyrinth of clouds.

I want to be above the everyday crowds.

I want to zoom towards the infinite space,

I want to place my country’s flag on the moon’s surface.


I have a dream; I want to fight.

I want to prove that girls can be knights.

I want to punch within the ring,

I want to protest for the right thing.

I want to stomp and thrash, not glide.

I want to battle for my country’s pride,

I have a dream; I want to win.

I want to show off my talents hidden within.

I want to kick the ball high in the air.

I want to be the star shining in the stadium lights’ glare.

I want to swim until I am breathless.

I want to hold a trophy and my smile would be endless.

I have a dream; it’s as important as his.

Every time I stand up you push me into an abyss.

You have set many boundaries around me,

But you can’t take away what makes me.

My passion and power are the same as his.

Yet we can’t be seen as the same. What did I miss?

I have a dream; I want equality.

I want to be treated like a human, not a lady.

I want to see the stereotypes break,

I want to scream at your narrow minds to wake.

I want to make sure that my voice is heard.

I want to be free like a bird.


I have a dream, I can do anything.

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