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Kaartika Chitturi

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Kaartika Chitturi

Drama Others

A Journey's Destination

A Journey's Destination

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Under the sea, swimming and staring at me,

I catch glimpses of my dreams

Floating in the boat of ‘maybe.’


My mind is focused on someday,

Fantasies lure my heart into possibilities, and

I cease to live outside my daydreams, in today.


All this way I was led to believe,

That the road I took showed me to mountain peaks,

So the lustrous ocean I voyage by, I refused to perceive.


It’s going to be a surprise,

When I reach, hoping to see the night sky

Only to find out that I have missed the sunrise.


Or should I say disappointment, why?

Because I missed the beauty of the clouds,

So I could see the clear blue sky.


At the end of the day, I’m looking in the face of regret,

It’s sneering at my obliviousness,

Mocking my disability to enjoy the road ahead.


All around me I hear voice blaming me,

For looking at the moon lighting up the darkness

Instead of the billions of stars surrounding its glory.


They say the journey is more important than the goal.

And today I know, that there are unexpected surprises delivered.

And breath-taking sights that beg to be explored.

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