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Kaartika Chitturi



Kaartika Chitturi


To All The Bullies

To All The Bullies

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Dear Bully,

You were typing words on a keyboard.

Fat. Ugly. Gross.

A couple of harmless sentences, you thought.

But if you felt the words before you typed,

You could’ve tasted the poison in your bite.

You were the reason I woke up feeling afraid.

Threatened and unsafe.

The feeling of shame hung over my head,

And the tears from my hollow eyes weighed me down in my bed.

You wore me down with your comments.

And trapped me in a cage of despair.

You deprived my hope of being free from your control.

You underlined my insecurities to feel superior.

Sadly, it worked.

What were you thinking?

Hiding behind a screen, are you a coward?

I’m disappointed. Not in you, but in myself,

Because you were a grey cloud with no identity

Passing through my life filled with sunshine

And yet, I ignored everything to listen to you - a nobody.

I wish I looked away.

But then you would’ve moved on,

To another victim’s life.

So, Dear Bully,

Just understand that,

It doesn’t feel good to be bullied.

Whether it’s online or face to face, it hurts equally.

Please learn that,

Blowing off someone's light,

Will never make yours shine any brighter.

And remember that,

Not all your victims are as strong as me.

Out of fear and humility, they act impulsively

Then it'll be too late to say sorry.


The Victim

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