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Mahek Jain

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Mahek Jain

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A Lookdown At Lockdown

A Lookdown At Lockdown

2 mins 15 2 mins 15

Monotonous was life before

With a tint of freedom

Freedom to travel, freedom to meet

Freedom to wander, freedom to savour treats

Curbed is our freedom by the unwelcomed guest which induced us to stay at home,

Transforming world into a mess 

But for good, our freedom was curbed,

To save us from FATAL VIRUS which left us all disturbed.

Therefore, shattered have all our plans to go on vacations

Travel to different locations

And celebrate different occasions

Having a wonderful beginning of the new year,

People expected to complete the year with cheer

Certainly this year will be remembered

Not for rejoice but for the virus and demises that are giving us tears…

Having so many negative consequences, yet the need of the hour

Has induced us to develop a feeling of "OUR"

It gave people a break from monotonous life and spend some quality time with dear ones,

Paying attention to self-introspect

And unknowingly fulfilling Neruda's dream and paying him respect!!!!

Being all time at home gave people a reason to binge watch

And while away time, trying to dodge

From all productive work and enhancing self.

Eat, sleep, watch and repeat accurately sums up lockdown life, making it a hotchpotch

It is a golden time and we have to acknowledge that

This time can be efficiently utilised to be productive and it is a fact.

From practicing meditation to regularly working out,

From acquiring new skills to contributing in house chores and helping our mothers out.

Having so much to do yet we face persistent boredom

Swimming in middle of the ocean of freedom, people claim 


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