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Mahek Jain



Mahek Jain


For Life

For Life

2 mins 395 2 mins 395

With you when you cry

With you in happiness when you fly

With you when on bed you lie

With you when you die

They share by sharing

Care by caring

Bare by baring (all negatives)

When there's no light, they become become lamp

Act like insulators and all problems they trap

Promise to be together full life's end

And problems of each other they mend

Our smile means to them a lot

They resist with us against any kind of plot

And immeasurable is happiness that comes from eating dinner together that is delicious and hot

Endless Love from them is a priceless gift

Trust on each other is so strong that they can't drift

Unity is symbol and sign

Because they don't discriminate as yours and mine

Trust on each other, helps family move further

By ignoring constant conflicts between a sister and a brother.

And always follows the guidelines given by father and mother

The six-letter word (FAMILY)

Protects us from every problem like a sword

People with family are really blessed

Combination of infinite words are less, about family to confess

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