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Eternal Forever

Eternal Forever

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Right they were at the beach having fun

Gazing setting of the sun.

Holding each other's hand,

Relishing the cool waves coming upon them and the sand,

They were discussing all the ups and downs they had

Then suddenly the girl asked, "will you always be mine lad?"

The guy replies "My lady, may the world say whatever,

I will leave your side never.

Immortal is nature and so is my love for you,


My priority is always you, you are very special."

After a couple of hours of a beautiful time spent together,

Holding their hands, the girl suddenly faints

The guy in dismay complaints

"Why did it happen, when everything was so right? "

Terrible was her condition because severe disease she had to fight

The hope was little that she would survive

But because of love and care that lad did to her, she had to revive.

Eyes full of tears and a considerable amount of prayers with a lot of efforts and care

Saved that girl, which is seen very rare.

Recovering from her disease in a couple of months, the girl was fine

Thus, both of them were on cloud nine.

One day again they were at the beach but now those lovers were gazing at the moon

Holding their hands together, "eternal may be our love like this moon "they crune!!"

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