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Poignant Story Without Glory

Poignant Story Without Glory

2 mins 280 2 mins 280

Poor man is so happy

More than the rich person who has every desire and is still sad

Although they are not able to meet basic amenities,

Big-hearted and hardworking are their abilities

Going through immense pain

They mask it with a smile

Unemployed, with a lot of responsibilities

Frustrated are they which they take it out on their families

So helpless are those poor

That they can't even benefit from the schemes that are meant for them

Children of them unable to pursue education,

Wry with laboured ease of loss.

Immense pain, lots of hard work

Risk of life, little output

Is their story

Whole life they just wait for glory!

Everyday lots of sympathy they received instead of the help they need

They blame their destiny and question that from such a vicious cycle of pain when will they be freed?

All they do entire life is wait, wait and only wait

For good golden days instead of making it the one

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