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Vast Past

Vast Past

3 mins 245 3 mins 245

When I think of my past

Which is so vast,

Has gone so fast.

It is a melange of golden moments that make me happy and of extremely unhappy moments that make me give up at last

Everyone has their own story

Of failures and glory

Mine is one such

Let me tell it without wasting time much

Being so young, 16 years old I faced a lot.

Right from being laughed for bob cut in my junior classes to a lot of criticism for my height, in my senior classes I got.

Although I had so many people around, I was all alone till my ninth grade,

constantly being made felt as I was unfit for anything and being disliked by everyone,

A laughing stock I was made.

Wetting pillow with my tears,

For all the pain of being alone and not achieving what I desired inbuilt in me a deep fear.

But now, when I turn back and go past and beyond,

I thank God for giving me my jewels( my best friends) in 9 grade and with them such an eternal bond

When my good days had just begun, soon my grade 10 was over, I had to leave my best friends which made me weep

For I was going to be separate from them and enter a life which would be even more difficult that it wouldn't let me sleep.

The first day in the new school seemed nice and made me glad

But as time went on it got worse.

Everyone around me had at least one friend whom they count on and trust,

Contrary to which I had so many friends but none to share anything with, which developed in me frust.

The thought of being alone made me cry a lot, questioning why does that happen again and again only to me?

Is the fault in me or thee?

Now, all I do is carry a ray of hope

That one day I will be able to cope

Up with all the problems and will be happy always

For then it will come my good days

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