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Vaibhav Vashishtha



Vaibhav Vashishtha


An Affair Of Love, But...

An Affair Of Love, But...

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Love is an affair between two but when one is adamant to keep the woes stubbornly intact, it is better to bid farewell to the lovely coincidence they called a relationship

It was a nice coincidence to run into each other

The best way to commemorate the feeling of belonging

It was like an orphan who found a mother

And the daughter, a father for who she was longing

The terms were straight, terminology crooked

Love me and I will love you my darling

Be at my side, and I will keep you hooked

I got happy as I had seen a starling

It was a dream, dreamy was the time

Every moment was joyous every second was fun

It was just love that was sweet with a pinch of lime

We made merry and counted them by the ton

But then things took shape when reality struck

We discovered the path was not as easy

Tried to mend the outcome but I ran out of luck 

The road was all right but the walk was greasy

I tried my best to solve it for her

Maybe that's the one mistake I made

I tried to be a long life partner to her 

But she wanted me with just that shade

We fought and fought and fought yet again

Its expectations that got bigger with each dialog

We loved no never we never loved again

It was a script already towards the prolog

I saw her as a lady I could spend my life with

But I think it would have been better if I agreed to some

I tried buying love I think I lost the bid

I shud have overlooked it and carried on with a glass of rum

At times the arguments turned to be funny

And the laughter took an upturn

After crying on each day, rainy or sunny

I was accused to harass her into a fern :D

I still find it hard to not feel her here

But every moment I think of her, rings a bell

It was the intensity that was on my part, so sheer

I end up calling it The affair of love, but a time to bid farewell

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