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Priyamvada S

Drama Others


Priyamvada S

Drama Others

Role Play

Role Play

2 mins

As the son turned a year older this March;

Celebrations were due, and I was in-charge.

The husband suddenly had to travel out for work;

He promised to return timely, to make things perk. 

I shopped for party décor, while my boy was at school; 

Oblivious, that my plans, the destiny will overrule. 

The pandemic shrouded the world under a dark cloud; 

My spouse was stuck afar, and inter-state travel no longer allowed.

I rushed to visit the ATM, and stocked-up extra ration; 

A glance at the mirror reflected my state - pale and ashen. 

Bracing myself for the pandemic, that set the world ablaze; 

I wished for my 'normal' problems to return, reminiscing good-old-days.

My grump missed play-dates, and parents skipped walks in the park; 

Confinement became the new normal, a journey we had to sadly embark. 

Giving haircuts on the back porch, I became the family's barber; 

Engaging them with Scrabble, my vocabulary got a little sharper.

The privileged ones shared workout videos, and flaunted their culinary skills;

The last four months for me though went by without any frills. 

Comforting the spouse's solitude, I put up a brave charade; 

Ringing bells of optimism at home, I shooed the dejection that preyed.

"My throat feels a little scratchy," said mom;

"Maybe I should take some rest".

The choice was to keep her 'safe' at home;

Or take her out for the 'test'.

With a regular prescription, she luckily got better; 

And I let out a sigh of relief;

Scrolling through numbers, that wore the COVID fetter;

I crumbled with agony and grief. 

Measuring distance from danger is a task; 

Each time I step out. 

Death comes wearing a mask;

Everyone falls under the radar of doubt. 

Normalcy becomes a myth today;

Future looks uncertain and stark. 

Without any conscious effort at play;

I slip into the 'role' of a Matriarch.

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