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IIM Groot



IIM Groot




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After you've done everything you wanted to do 

What else is there to be explored and go through

If you had a choice, will there be something 

You would like to undo?

You think back and blink your eyes

You look for things you did wrong and those you did right

What exactly could you name a mistake?

What are the things that were at stake?

You sat on the swing in the night and began to contemplate


Life is all about ups and downs 

Like the swing on which you are trying to frown 

The more you push the higher you go

The zeal to achieve something great 

Taking something that's beyond your fate

You smile at the moon 

If only you had known 

You could've done something better

To change your future forever

But would you be here 

Thinking without blinking

Sitting on a swing of hope

Why don't I think about the good things?

Why life is all about bling?

The nights get dark 

The winds get cold 

You remember the day 

The hands that you hold 

The people that were close 

The gems that you lost

But now you're all alone 

What is that sound?

Is it the sound of nature

The sky, the earth, and every living thing 

Are singing a song?

What is this?

Are you crying?

Was coming here a mistake?

It was a risk you had to take 

You smile and this time

It's not fake!

Pushing the swing 

You go up in the sky 

You see the light 

Everyone you had

Everything you lost 

Was in sight 

Nothing was even worth the fight

Only if you had enjoyed 

The moments of joy 

Instead of sorrow and pain 

From things you didn't gain 

But you could never refrain 

That was the beginning of your bane 

Why no one 

Values what they have

And leave what they can't 

Dreams are okay to keep 

But only if they let you sleep 

Don't be tensed 

Give yourself some air to breathe

You don't have to stay on your feet 

You won't be where you are 

If you did everything right

You may laugh at it now 

But you know I am right

This is not the end 

It's a new journey 

Of finding who you are 

And what you want to be

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