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Sakshi Agrawal

Drama Inspirational Others


Sakshi Agrawal

Drama Inspirational Others

That Free Independent Girl!

That Free Independent Girl!

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That girl sitting at the shore,

looking at the waves as they come and go.

Gazing blindly at the distant site,

building up her courage with all her might.

Tomorrow she will go out and face this world;

but today this is her time, her's and her's alone.

The world might see this as her arrogance, her defiance.

They will definitely try to bring her down;

But she has learnt not to be affected, to not let them drag her down.

She lives her life by her own rules,

she defines her own strength and her weaknesses,

She sets her own boundaries and her limitations.

She is no longer a slave to other people's opinions, has stopped caring about their alleged litigations.

She now flaunts her flaws and embraces her failures,

as she is no longer that timid little girl but a warrior.

They still might try their luck on her and give it a go;

Oh! But my poor fellows, be lest assured that from now on her no means no!

They will still try to body shame her, to shackle her in the name of religion, family and society, to curb her voice;

But each time she will bounce back more determined, to make sure that the world vibrates with her roaring noise!

Go ahead, do all that you can;

try to take away her freedom, cut down her wings.

But she will still be set to sail,  determined to fly;

breaking away your misogynistic, egoistic chains and rings.

She is the face of the new #FreeIndia, transformed into an immortal spirit; going higher every minute;

so sure of herself, well aware that even the sky is not her limit!

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