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Broken Heart

Broken Heart

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All we have in this world is love which binds every human with his/her soulmate. We love our Parents, brothers/sisters, friends, etc but the love for that someone special is a

completely different feeling. There are situations in life where we see the love for ourselves in someone`s eyes, we want to admire it but can`t. We want to tell that person that

I can think about your feelings and can reciprocate towards it in a positive manner but we need time and a lot of courage to do that.

                                                   There was a similar kind of situation in my life when I was in 10th Standard,

I had decided to never fall in love with any girl or never be in a relationship with any girl until my board exams are over. I was very much unlucky in charming any girl, so I was sure

that no one is going to come and propose me and I am not going to anyone as I was determined for some serious studies. Then, one day which was a normal day like any other day, a girl came

to me and asked me for a date. I was shocked for 2 minutes after hearing this as I did nothing to woo her then why she was asking me for a date. After 2 minutes I replied with "NO", she asked me "why?" , then I replied, "I am very scared of my Parents, if they came to know this then I will be in a big problem".She felt upset and I knew that, after some time, she came to me and told me that she will wait outside AnnaPurna Restaurant at 7 PM in the evening and she knew that I will come. I asked her how she was so much sure and she replied that she got a feeling that I wanted to say "YES" for the date instead of saying "NO" for whatever reason but she was sure that I will not break her heart. I came home thinking about her proposal and decided not to go to AnnaPurna Restaurant. One thing she told me was right that I don`t want to break her heart but I don`t have any feelings for her at that moment but if she had given me some time I can think about her.

                                                          Next day, when I went to school, I heard the news from her friend that she had visited the Restaurant and waited for me outside the Restaurant for half an hour and left after that. Unfortunately, at that time mobile phones were not used widely, there was only one mobile phone in one house. I felt really sad that why I decided not to go there. Talking to her after that incident was a bit awkward as I was afraid that she can shout on me. So I decided to wait till that time when she will be calm. After 2 days, I decided to go to her and have a conversation. I went to her desk and apologized to her first of all that I couldn`t make it and told her that I had never thought that she was so much serious about the date, she replied in a very calm way that "Let me know when you are free and we can plan for another date". I told her nothing at that time and left her desk. I knew that if I commit for anything then the situation can become serious and keeping in my mind about my studies, I decided to keep quiet and let the board exams finish.

After board Exams, there was a gap of about 2 months, I enjoyed that time with my friends but I had thought sometimes in my mind that I behaved very rudely with that girl. After the board exams results are declared, i went to New Delhi for my intermediate studies. When I came back home on the occasion of Diwali, I heard the news

that the girl is studying in the same school and is now committed with a classmate in the same class. I asked about the boy and that boy appears to be a very good friend of mine in school. So I felt happy for both of them for a moment and decided never to disclose this topic in front of him.  

One day i sent friend request on Facebook to that girl but she has not accepted that request till one week. I understood that she is ignoring my friend request and i cancelled my request after a week. After 5 years of their relationship, the couple finally got married . I have seen their pictures in Facebook as the boy was in my friend list. I was in a dilemma for some time that I made the right choice in the past or not but at the end, I realized that this is life and there will be someone made for me too. The Person who will love me and will do anything to make me happy but one thing is for sure that I will never break her heart.    

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