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Silent Love

Silent Love

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Kabir, a 12-year-old boy along with his father who is a single parent moved to a new city, Rajkot. Kabir and his father shifted into a new flat. Kabir`s father was a Stock Broker by profession. They visited their neighbors in the flat next door and had an introduction with their neighbors. Kabir found a new friend, Naina in the neighboring flat. Naina, a 12 year old girl lives with her parents in the city. Naina`s Father was a Toy shop owner and her mother was a housewife.

They were residing in the same flat since before Naina`s birth. Kabir`s father asked from Naina`s parents about a good school in the city. They suggested the school in which Naina was studying. Kabir started to go to the same school with Naina. After few days, Kabir and Naina became good friends. They spent almost most of the time in the day together while studying, playing, roaming around in the society etc. Their parents also had a good bonding,most of the time they had lunch or dinner together. After some years, one day, Naina fell ill. Doctor told that she was suffering from malaria and it will take around 2-3 weeks for her to recover.

Kabir was very sad with her illness, he don`t even go to school for the same number of days in which Naina was unable to go to school. He keeps sitting in front of Naina`s bed for the entire day watching her and praying to god to help Naina to recover soon. After Naina successfully recovered, Kabir was very happy on that day, he bought her favorite Dairy Milk chocolate and gave it to her. Naina hugged Kabir and thanked him for his care towards her. Kabir returned in his room with joy and happiness and started to think how much he loves Naina that he can`t even live one day without seeing her. Kabir realized in himself that he is actually started to fall in love with Naina. He thought of telling her but there can be the possibility of losing her friendship. So he decided to better be silent until he becomes something in life.

    After few years, Kabir and Naina went to the same college. In the last year of their graduation, Naina expressed her desire of becoming a model to Kabir. She wanted to go to Mumbai after her college and pursue her dreams. Kabir motivated her to try her luck in modeling. Naina asked Kabir about his plans after college,he told her that he will start a new business of opening a chain of restaurants in the city. Naina wished him good luck for his plans, Kabir wished the same to her. The day comes when their graduation completed. Naina asked her parents for their approval to go to Mumbai, they agreed.

The day comes when Naina was leaving for Mumbai. Kabir was going with her to drop her to station. Kabir was a very upset on that day,he wanted to tell Naina that he loves her. He wanted to stop her from going to Mumbai but he thought that if he do so, then he will act very selfish. He wanted Naina to become something which she wanted and for that he has to control his emotions for her and let her go, so he remained silent. Before boarding the train, Naina hugged Kabir and told him that she will miss him a lot. Kabir eyes filled with tears at that time but again he controlled his emotions and smiled and told Naina for not worrying. Whenever she will need his help, he will always be there. Naina boarded the train and the train departed.

                Kabir and Naina stayed in touch with Whatsapp and Facebook. After few months, Kabir opened his first restaurant and started his business, his father helped him in starting his business. Kabir`s life became busy while Naina continue to struggle in Fashion world. After one year in Mumbai, she finally got an assignment. Naina met a boy Ravi who was also working in the same assignment with Naina. Naina liked Ravi at first sight. Ravi had a very charming personality. They both started dating after sometime. One day, on a date, Naina expressed her love to Ravi, he reciprocated her love. They both started their relationship. 

One day, Naina told Kabir about Ravi. She was very happy to have a partner like him and she wanted Kabir to come to Mumbai and meet him. Kabir refused and told her that now a days he is very busy with his business and is planning more things to expand his business. Naina told him that then one day she will visit her hometown with Ravi so that her parents also can approve Ravi for her,then Kabir will get a chance to see him, Kabir agreed. On that day, after talking to Naina, Kabir`s heart was completely broken, he thought that he made a mistake by not expressing his love for Naina. Kabir was broken from inside.

                               After 2 years of relationship, Naina and Ravi decided to get married and Naina wanted that her parents approval was required for this big decision. She urged Ravi to come to her hometown and meet her parents and also his friend Kabir. After their approval only, she will marry with him, Ravi agreed. They both visited Naina`s hometown. Kabir became the owner of 2 restaurants now.When he heard the news of Naina`s return from his father. He left all his work and rushed to home to see Naina. Naina felt very pleased after seeing Kabir after so long time. Naina introduced Kabir to Ravi. Kabir asked Naina and Ravi both to visit his restaurant in the evening and have dinner with him. They accepted his invitation, after that Kabir left.

Kabir was very happy on Naina`s return, he decided to self-cook the food for dinner. That night, they had the dinner together. Next morning, Naina and Ravi had a conversation with Naina`s parents for their marriage. Naina`s parents asked Ravi to call his parents but Ravi told them that he is a orphan since birth. He was raised and brought up in an orphanage. He struggled with his life a lot but finally he became a model. Naina`s parents told him that they don`t have any problem with their marriage if Naina is happy with him. After hearing the good news, Naina filled with joy and went to Kabir`s restaurant to inform him about the good news. She asked Kabir whether he liked Ravi or not? Kabir smiled and answered “your happiness is my happiness. If you are happy with him then I cannot disapprove your choice”.

                                      Ravi and Naina's marriage date was fixed. One day, they both were going for shopping.On the way to market, their car collides with a truck coming from the opposite direction and they both got seriously injured. Ravi and Naina was taken to the nearby hospital by the people. Kabir heard the news of the accident and he rushed to the hospital. Doctors informed Naina`s  parents that Naina`s Spine is broken and she won`t be able to walk now for her entire life.For the time being,they have to operate her.

They requested them to deposit the money for the operation. When Naina`s parents asked about Ravi`s situation, Doctors informed them that he is dead. Naina`s operation was successful. When Naina regained consciousness, Kabir informed him about Ravi`s death and her inability now to walk. Naina was shocked after hearing the news. She was totally disheartened after knowing that her personal life and professional carrier is finished. Kabir motivated her and told her not to become hopeless and start a new life. Naina requested Kabir to leave her alone for some time. Kabir understands that Naina`s pain was a huge one and it will take some time for her to overcome from her memories.

After 2 months, Naina was discharged from the hospital sitting on a wheel chair. Naina was disturbed mentally whenever she reminds of her past. One day, Kabir visited Naina`s house and told her parents that if they allow he wants Naina to work with him in his restaurant. He wants a person to manage his account books. Naina`s parents thought that if she will start working,she may be able to overcome her past, they agreed. Naina`s parents convinced Naina to start working with Kabir, so that she can start a new life. Naina started to work with Kabir in his restaurant. He daily picks her up and drops her to her home. Naina finally started to overcome her past and enjoy the time she spend with Kabir at work.

One day, Kabir and Naina were having dinner in their restaurant, Naina remembered the night when the three had the dinner together at the same place. Naina started crying. Kabir told her to stop crying and move on in life. She replied that she will forget about Ravi after some more time but she was not able to forget that she will not be able to walk for her entire life and no one will ever love or marry a handicapped girl for the rest of her life. After hearing this, Kabir felt very disheartened, he wished to express his love to Naina but again stopped himself as he thought that Naina still loves Ravi and if he will express his emotions, Naina will think that he has done a favor to her just because he loved her and not because of their friendship. Kabir once again remained silent controlling his emotions. He dropped Naina to her home and told her to take care of herself.

                           That Night, It was 2 AM in the clock, Naina lying on her bed again started to think about her past. She decided to end her life as she won't be able to live like this. She somehow manages to go on the terrace of the building and she jumps from there. She died on the spot. The next morning, Kabir heard the news of Naina's suicide. He mourns on Naina's death and regrets on his decision why he never told Naina that he loved her.

                 Following his endless love for Naina, Kabir remained unmarried for the rest of his life. Whenever he remembers the moments spent with Naina, his eyes filled with tears and heart filled with sorrow, he never able to forgive himself for his Silent Love for Naina. May be Naina could have not died if she have found any hope in him. But Kabir's Silent Love remained silent for forever. 


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