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Bond Of Friendship

Bond Of Friendship

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There were two kids,Akhil and Nitin in an orphanage and both were best friends .One day, Akhil got adopted by a rich family. Nitin felt dishearten as he is going to get separated from Akhil. Akhil promised to meet Nitin once every month. But the family who adopted Akhil was very rich and they have given Akhil such a luxurious life that attracted Akhil a lot. Akhil has completely forgotten Nitin and started living his new lifestyle with comfort. While Nitin on the other side kept on waiting for Akhil and his messages.

Few years gone, both Akhil and Nitin are now grown up and are young .One day, When Akhil was going for a business meeting in his car met with an accident on the road and got seriously injured. Akhil was admitted to a nearby hospital . Doctors after examining his body comes to a conclusion that pieces of glass of his car`s window has gone in his eyes and has damaged his eyes very deeply that may be there is a chance that Akhil won`t be able to see for his entire life now. Doctors operated him and operated his eyes very carefully . After operation becomes successful, they have informed Akhil`s adopted parents that they have saved his life but failed to save his eyes and recommended them to find a eye donor so that Akhil can able to see again. Akhil`s adopted parents published this news in all newspapers and offered that whoever will donate his/her eyes to their son will get a reward of 20 lakh rupees. Two weeks after the newspaper publication, doctors informed Akhil`s adopted parents that they have found an eye donor and also told them that the eye donor is ready to donate his eyes but on the condition that his name will be kept confidential and he doesn`t need any rewards . Akhil`s adopted parents were pleased to hear that and agreed to the donor`s condition.

After the successful operation when Akhil was able to see, doctors handed him a note that was written by his donor before the operation. Akhil opened the note, in the note it was written "Congrats for your new life my rich friend. Now that you can able to see please visit the orphanage where you have spend 7 years of your life. The orphanage is going through a very bad phase and may be shut down after sometime . Please save the orphanage . It will be my reward in place of my eyes . Your`s past best friend ".

Akhil after reading the note when tried to memorize his past realized that his donor was none than his orphanage`s best friend Nitin. He felt very sad after this as he has done nothing for his friend Nitin after leaving the orphanage. As he realized that Nitin was trying to request him to save the orphanage , he visited the orphanage and found that the orphanage was going through a money crisis . The trustee who was running the orphanage died last month and the orphanage is unable to find any new trustee and there were no donations also in the account of orphanage. Akhil decided to take the responsibility of orphanage in his own hands and run the orphanage with his donations every month. When he tried to found about his friend Nitin , the care taker of the orphanage informed Akhil that after he left the orphanage , Nitin keeps on waiting for him and his messages and keep hovering at the Orphanage`s main gate . But after 2-3 years passed ,he realized that you have forgotten him and he started to focus on his studies and become a teacher so that he can teach the orphanage`s kids so that they can live a good life . After Nitin came to know about orphanage`s situation and your accident, he decide to donate his eyes so that you will take care of this orphanage in the place of his eyes.

Akhil started to weep after hearing this and thought that how selfish he was, that he completely forgot his best friend and the orphanage. When he asked the care taker that where is Nitin now ? The care taker has informed him that Nitin is now teaching in an blind school. Akhil went to that blind school and meet Nitin . He first of all apologizes for his selfish behaviour towards Nitin and promised him that he will never leave him alone again. Nitin has forgiven his friend and told him to forget whatever has happened in the past and requested him to take care of the orphanage from now on wards and start a new life from here. Akhil was completely pleased with his friend`s kind behavior and hugged him . From that time Nitin and Akhil`s friendship lasted till the end of their lives.

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