The Boss

The Boss

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Haven’t slept for 2 days and 15 hours. A new record! The coke (ehm ehm…I mean Coca-Cola) and coffee were keeping my body running while it should be asleep ages ago. Coke was destroying my liver, and some fucking doctors say that It may cause cancer (lol), but I didn’t give a damn, my past was worse than any cancer or liver disease. Actually, I was balancing two things:
1. Writing.
2. Job.

Writing because it is my passion and because I had promised a best friend that I’ll never stop it no matter what. Job because I wasn’t satisfied with the 3 lakh-a-month, courtesy of my wonderful brain and IIM-A (And of course my company, Accenture), I wanted more. I had taken a ton of file documents which had to be filled up with the latest business statistics. Though I was quite accustomed to being an insomniac, staring at the Laptop screen and continuously typing formulae in excel is a freaking tiresome job. I was missing my butler, Jackson. I fired him from the job. He was too much of, “Sir, you should sleep.” “Sir, you should take rest” and all that fucking nonsense. Though I had a fight with mom over why I fired him, it was worth it. I like to be alone anyways and it was always worth it. Finally completed the last piece of info and getting ready for office again.

I reached office. It was really a boring routine. Go to office at 10 A.M., smack your ass and brains, and return home at 7 P.M. But with the salary and the awesome view of beautiful women in the office, I enjoyed going there. Plus I had formed an awesome friendship circle, people who cared for me more than my sleep (L.O.L.) and I loved them all. I’m 28 and Mom’s always after me for an arranged marriage. Fuck arranged, I vomit in the name of marriage. I ain’t even ready for a relationship, though I had many Friends-with-benefits nights with my female colleagues, and many of them finding my nerdy glasses sexy, wanted to get committed. I was not. I once loved a woman deeply. I mean, as deep as Adele was rolling in. But she never had “love” feelings for me and it was a pain in the ass to see her getting into relationships with douchebags. So I was finally able to delete the “Love” function from my brain and heart, permanently.

So, I got into my Boss’s room straight away. Actually, no one complained about the office load because of the boss, Shivani Desai. Damn it, she was hot! I mean literally, freaking hot! And the best part was, she was single. And we guys even knew her dress code routine. Monday-Wednesday: Typical office suit. Thursday: Salwar-Kameez, and Friday, the best: Saree! We never missed any of her meetings, forget missed, we would sit in her meetings although we weren’t called in. “Back to school” was the phrase that suited us, she was the hot teacher, and we were the lousy wolves. But, she was strict as hell. She had fired 10 people over the past 6 months because their work was not perfect. I was lucky in that case. I, working all day and night, have always been in her good books. Even if she wants, she isn’t going to let go of a “jewel” like Kalp Ray. Yeah, she called me a jewel. But I never tried to get her. As I told, the love thing didn’t work with me and spending even a night with the boss was as risky as having 10 kerosene tubs around burning fire.

I knocked, “May I come in, Shivani?” Except her 2-3 friends, I was the only one to be allowed to call her by her name.

“Yes, Mr. Ray. Completed?” She asked.

“Yep. All done. Piece by piece,” I said, handling over the documents. She took and started to read. I knew, after working two days continuously and having a straight streak of no errors, nothing could go wrong. Suddenly, she shouted at the top of her voice,

“What the hell is this Kalp?”

“What the hell is what?” I asked.

“This! This! The data, which date’s docs you took?”

“28th August. Why?”

“Then why the hell is my computer telling me you have taken the 28th August of last year?” She asked.

“What the fuck?!” I came and saw. Fuck it. I messed up, big time. The data of the documents which were to be taken were of this year. I took last year’s. Damn it. Fucking damn it.

“No one said you to stay up late! And coke and coffee? I told you to stop it. Now see the result,” Okay, now that was harsh and I lost my cool.

“You know what? At least give me some appreciation for this work. No one has the guts to do what I do. And this is the first time I got wrong. Shit happens!” I shouted.

“Happens? Happens? Have you got any idea how much stock we’re gonna lose, smarty pants?”

“Have YOU got any idea how much pain in the ass I took to get this shit done! BC teri aukaat ho to khud kar le!” I shouted in Hindi and stormed out of the room.

“What happened man?” Asked my best friend, Vihaang.

“Nothing. I think that bitch has got no brain left,” I said and I went home.

I got four missed calls from Shivani. And an e-mail, stating: “Thank you for the nuisance you caused. We didn’t lose much stocks, thankfully. And if you are not going to apologize, please take mine.” 

Anyways, I went to the office the next day. Though I was in a bad mood, my friends were always there to cheer me up.

“What’s up, studdu?” “Studdu”, a Hindi version of “stud”, as my best friend, Aks (Akansha called me)

“Nothing much, am a bit less pissed off.” I said.

“Forget it, she’s a bitch,” Akansha always hated Shivani. I have no fucking idea why.

Anyways, I chilled out with all my friends and after they cooled me down, I finally told them what happened in the room.

“You Da real MVP, broda!” Vihaang called. Vihaang was an asshole, in a good way. He was what is called, “bromance”. He always supported me. He even had the guts to go against his wife’s brother, who I got in a fight on financial matter. Thankfully, he didn’t end up in a divorce. Then, I finally cooled down and went home.

Nothing new happened in the office ever since. Shivani and I don’t talk now. Though she calls me for meetings and seminars as I only have the guts to speak with international assholes. My only reply to her goes with a nod in the head.

One day, while returning home in my Audi, I saw people gathering in the street. I bet it was some sort of fight. Having always loved violence, I jumped out of the Audi and went to see what was happening. When I was in the viewing distance, I saw Shivani shouting with a stranger. Apparently, her car was hit by that guy. I didn’t want to go in, I started to walk out as that lady deserves it. But thou art humanity restrained me. If she can’t be a human, at least I am. So I again turned around and went straight in.

“What happened?” I aked Shivani.

“Kalp? What are you..”

“Just tell me what happened.”

“This guy comes and hits my car, I kept it in the parking.”

“There is no parking, you fool!” Shouted that guy.

“Hey, Salman khan, calm your fucking tits. You hit her even when her car was parked, standstill. What were you doing? Masturbating?” I said.

Then that guy came forward and pushed me. Okay, that was enough. I took him by the collar, punched him in the stomach and beat him to the ground. “The next time you try to NOT accept any of your faults, remember this punch, scumbag.” I said. And then I looked around and the crowd was seeing us as if it was a movie scene going around. 

“Fashion show chal raha hai? Kaam dhanda nai hai kisiko?” I shouted. They freaking ran. I prepared to go when Shivani stopped me.

“Thanks, Kalp,” She said. I went without replying. Then again the usual office routine until one day I got a message: “You know, you can either forgive me or accept my thanks. Just don’t act unknown.” It was Shivani. And I had to tell, I felt bad. Maybe I shouldn’t have shouted at her. I called her.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“It’s fine, Kalp. I just took you for granted and shouted more. I am more sorry.”

“It’s fine.”

“Friends?” She asked.

“You gonna improve my salary?” I asked.

“Excuse me!”

“Just kidding. Friends,” I said.

“Mr. Ray, you really are a piece of crap,” She said.

“I know. I have such an influential boss that all my crap motivation is hers,” I joked. Then she laughed and…and well, we became friends.

It was normal at first. Then we became close. There was not friends with benefits between us. It was simple friendship. Then we began to visit each other.

“You are going to stop coke and coffee,” She said.

“Tell me to kill a tiger, I’m ready. Coke and coffee? Not quite.”

“Please Kalp, for me, it’s not good for health.”

“I’m addicted to it Shivani. I can’t do it.”

“I’ll help,” She said.

Then she begins visiting my house often. I introduced her to my a friend and she got along well. Even my friends liked her. I don’t know how she did it, but she got the coke addiction away.

“So, what about writing?” she asked.

“What about it?”

“You gonna write a novel or no?”

“I don’t quite know that. But if I will, it will be completely dedicated to you,” I said.

“When will you stop flirting?” She asked.

“I guess tomorrow. Just kidding, NEVER.”

Then we kissed. Not planned! She just came forward and kissed me. I mean, WOW! Then we got really, really close. She now cuddles me, calls me chocolate pie (even though I hate chocolate). Then I fell for her. I loved her, and I wanted to tell her. I told you before that the love function was removed, but she got it back again. I asked her out for a dinner in The Taj, besides the swimming pool.

“Um, Shivani, can I tell you something?”

“Yes, Kalpu.”

“Um..i just..uhm..”

“You just what?”

“It’’re looking really beautiful today,” I said.

“Aww..thank you. But that’s not what you were gonna say, right?” She asked.

“ mean. Yeah.”

“Don’t buffer, just let it out.”

“Okay, I love your eyes.”

“What?” She asked.

“I mean, I love your smile.”


“No I mean, I love your…chuck it, I LOVE YOU! Will you be my girlfriend?” I asked. She looked a minute or two in amazement. Then she laughed hard. I don’t know, at first I thought she thought I wasn’t serious.

“Will you take care of me?” She asked.

“Of course, yes.”

“Will you not be over-possessive?”

“Promise, I won’t.”

“Will you always love me?”

“If I didn’t I wouldn’t ask you in the first place.”

“Yes. And I love you too dumbo,” She said. This time, I went forward and kissed her, which was the best kiss I ever had. I never thought my boss would be my girlfriend, nor I ever think that I was going to fall in love. But well, life is strange. Strange things happen. Good for some, bad for some. Awesome for me!

And folks, that’s how, I met my girlfriend.

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