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  "What is a poem?" asked an inquisitive boy to the poets invited to the school function.

    "Simple," came the answer, "it's the haphazard use of the enter key into your story. Unless it's done, the writing is a passage or an essay or... But with its random, unsystematic use, everything becomes pure poetry!"  Girls and boys were overwhelmed with the easy solution.

    "Just tell who of you want to become poets. Introduce yourselves with your problems and we shall devise means to extend expert guidance", assured the senior most poet on the dais. The aspiring students spoke out one after another, according to turn. The teachers were keen on discipline.

    "I want to write fifty poems each day sir, and become the greatest poet, but I will myself solve my problem," said a girl as her turn came.

    “But how can you?“

   "I shall open my laptop repair workshop. That will call for rather a small investment from my papa, and I can routinely collect the enter keys from dead sets for free," said the girl. "I shall avail of the statistical data in Wikipedia and the like as my free raw material for conversion into poetry using the enter keystrokes into the data."

    The guiding poets exclaimed she was brilliant and seriously noted her name.

     And till the end of that colourful ceremony, they applauded the little girl, "Cheers for Nagma, Nagma, Nagma.... She is the visionary, who will certainly revolutionize poetic craft.” The enigma lasted.


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