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Period: Story Of Every Girl...
Period: Story Of Every Girl...

© Saloni Maliwal

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She was panicked and freaked out. She was confused and had no idea what was going on with her at that moment. Her stomach was paining , tears were running down her eyes. She was scared as there was a big red colour stain on her skirt. She was scared that her mother would scold her for the stain. She thought she was going to die as she saw blood was dripping down from between her legs. She thought that if the blood does not stop she will die. All this happen with the little girl when she was on the way back home. She sat on a bench which was near her house because she was not able to move even a bit. She was scared so he called her elder sister Prishu and asked her to pick her up and also informed her about the situation that had happen. Prishu understood what was wrong with her younger sister so she carried the necessary things which was required. As soon as the little girl reached home she was crying. With tears she rushed to the washroom. Her mother started worrying. Prishu went behind her when the mother stopped and asked what was wrong. The elder sister answered beautifully to her mother that," Our little princess has become a big girl now." The mother was relaxed and happy because it was nothing to worry and it was something that happened to every girl.

As soon as the little girl came out of the washroom she hugged her mother and started saying that she was going to die. Mother looked at her and smiled and said," You are not going to die my sweetheart. You have become a big girl today. There is nothing to worry as this happens to every girl, it also happens to your elder sister and to me as well." The little girl was still confused. She had many questions in her head and she looked blank. Her mother realized that it was a bit difficult for her daughter to make her self comfortable with periods. The mother decided to tell both her daughters something about periods.

So it begins, being a women is a blessing. Having periods is not a shame its something you should be happy about and not scared. Every girl gets periods it is normal for every girl to bleed every month, it stops after some days. Period is treated differently in different places. If something happens in life it always has two sides good and bad. Something similar is with periods. Period is treated well in some places with proper care. It is considered as a positive thing in a girls life. And in some places it is considered as a negative thing in a girl's life. Some girls are kept separate from their family as in their life period is considered as a disease which makes them a girl who will harm the family. Some are asked to keep quite because period is not something that you should talk about, but it is okay to talk about sex but not periods. In some places the treatment done for having period is not good. Women and girls in village use dirty cloth to get rid of their periods faster as they think its some kind of thing which should not last long.

Periods are not something that should be treated badly it is something that should be treated with proper care as it might spoil your life. Having periods is not having a disease so the girl is kept separated. Girls should never be treated badly when they get their periods, they should always be treated well and with care. The little girl was confused but not much as she was at the beginning. Her mother told her that she should not be ashamed of telling people about her having her periods, if someone asked her. Also she asked her if ever some girl who you know or do not know and she under goes the same situation. Always step ahead in such situation and don't leave her alone because its very painful for a girl when she starts her periods and she has no one to help. Journey from being a little girl to a women is the most beautiful thing because god gives the girl strength to bare so much pain. If a man or a boy bleeds like a women or a girl for two days he would die. But the girl bleeds the same way for seven days and is alive. Imagine the strength the girl has. The society has reached 2018 but is still ashamed of having periods. Today too girls cannot speak about her having periods as it is a crime according to the society if a girl speaks about her having periods it is wrong. I do not believe after so much growth also the thinking about a girl having her period has not changed. Its a bit shocking but yes it is the fact that the thinking of our society would never change. Its normal to bleed girls, there is no shame to be open about it. Every girl bleeds and everyone knows that. Here is a short story about how a little girl learned about having periods and also how do people accept the fact about how is period accepted in our society.

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