Adhithya Sakthivel

Thriller Romance Drama


Adhithya Sakthivel

Thriller Romance Drama

Behind the Woods

Behind the Woods

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A group of men surrounded me, mocking and laughing at me. They gave a full torture for 15 to 25 days in the college. No can gave hand for me to support. It was more worse on the upcoming days and I was dejected with their antagonism.

No one believed me and stood against me including teachers in the College. I was unable to prove my innocence. Even in the NCC, everyone tortured me. Should I lead a life like this or to solve the mystery?

What's the reason for the antagonism of my friends and teachers? Why did they do this to me? The reason is death. A friend, with whom I have been close, was mysteriously killed by some guys and I was framed for it.

In these hard times, no one gave support. But, to my luck, a friend from a hard middle-class family named, Sakthivel a.k.a., Sakthi gave hand for his support.

"Why friend? So many friends were against me. Why could you support me?" I asked to him.

"I believe in your innocence, on seeing your face and sadness over your friend's death." Said Sakthivel.

From my childhood, I suffered a lot. My name is Sai Adhithya. I was born to a rich family and a celebrity for them as I am the only guy born as male inheritance and all others are female in the family.

I was good and decent to all until I was transferred from state board school to an ICSE school in Pollachi. Though I studied well, I am unable to communicate in English and I was mocked by my friends.

With a fierce of fire, I managed to learn English and talked so fluently which, impressed everyone in the school. By the time, I placed my name as one of the best student in the school and I managed to place my name.

Here, I met a girl named Nisha in 8th standard and she became a close friend for me considering my good soul and helping nature. Later, I am again changed to a CBSE school in Bangalore and I was stressed into studies a lot by my parents and I topped in 10th grade.

Here, too I loses my leave and I becomes a sadist here. Developing much more hatred for my family, I studied well and scored good marks in 12th burning all of my good behavior and helping nature.

However, I gave a lot of support to my friends in the college, eventually I thus, disowned my family and enrolled in Hostel. My parents were unable to bear the humiliation and they cursed me saying, he will come to them on a day realizing their importance.

I vowed never to meet my family and Pollachi. Focusing more on my Academics and NCC, I got so many changes in my character as I achieved what I desired and expected.

More than my wish, god has fulfilled, as I saw all over the India due to NCC and I realized my mistakes of hurting my parents. Since, they has cursed me, I decided not to go and meet them.

But, troubles came in a different way for me. I met my estranged school friend, Nisha in my college. Still now, she is my close friend. When I found a hard and tough situation in 10th standard, she helped me to come out from it.

One of my friend misused my instagram account and created a havoc in my life, which was solved by her. However, she stopped to talk with me for three years due to some reasons and I too, forgot her due to some busy works.

She met me now and I observed her to be moody and upset when I was with her for one months. When I asked her about this, she behaved harshly with me in-front of the other students.

Felt insulted, I slapped her in anger and left the place. But, the next day, she was found dead in the campus of college and everyone looked me in anger. As she has written that, I was the reason behind her death, everyone stood against me and I was surprised that will Nisha commit suicide.

Eventually, it was my close friend, Raagul, a rich and influential guy, who helped me to evict from the case. Everyone including teachers and students stand against me and mocked me.

To prove my innocence, now a friend has come for me, named Sakthi. With his support, I decided to know why Nisha came to me these one months? And what's the mystery behind her death?

We decided to meet Nisha's parents but, they knocked me out of the house accusing me as the reason behind her death. As we were proceeding, some guys followed me back and attacked Sakthi and me fatally.

No one came for our rescue in the road and we were eventually saved by my friend, Abinesh, who has believed my innocence now and he saved us.

With Abinesh's and Sakthi's support, I decided to hunt against Nisha's murderer and the reason behind it. To remember once, Nisha's friends were jealous for my close friendship and one day, they orchestrated a chase attack against me in Udumalai and I ran away from them in fear in a running bus and out of fear, I have never gone to Udumalaipet.


Later, I met one of the henchmen who attacked me and with the help of Sakthi, I and Abinesh caught him and brought to a secluded place in-order to interrogate him.

"Hey. Tell us, why did you attack me?" asked Sakthi.

"Sakthi. He will not confess the truth if we ask like this. If we give him a treatment, automatically he will blur out the truth" I said him.

"If you don't confess the truth, see there is a poison injection. We will inject you and you will slowly die" said Sakthi.

"No. Don't do anything. I will tell" said the guy.

"It was your friend, Harshith, who has orchestrated an attack against you" said the guy.

"What? Harshith!" I exclaimed.

"You know the guy, before. He told, he is your sworn enemy. It's because of you, he has become an antagonist to you"

"Tell us clearly," said Sakthi.

"You humiliated and insulted Harshith for leaking your instagram account and also for creating a havoc between one of your friend Harini. But, he considered you as his best friend, even though he did the mistake. Unable to bear an insult, he was waiting for taking revenge against you and the time came and he used the golden opportunity of Nisha's death and framed you as the reason behind it" said the guy.

 "Why should he orchestrate an attack for that?" asked Sakthi.

"He doesn't like Adhithya's interrogation behind Nisha's death and asked me to attack him and hence, I did it" said the guy.

We left him and went to confront Harshith.

However, he said to me that, he is not the mastermind behind Nisha's death when I suspected his involvement. Since, he was anger with me but, not to the extent of committing a murder.


I felt disgusted and agony, as we were unable to crack down the killer. As no one is close to Nisha, we were left clueless. At that time, my friend Chaitanya from Kerala, called me and I hanged his call due to the confusion.

 Suddenly, I looked at him and recalled him as my close friend in the 8th standard. He and Nisha were in love and were close, which I know very well as I was a close friend for them. Eventually, they both breaks up in 8th standard due to misunderstanding.

Since, I and Nisha were in conflict at that time, I was helpless and eventually, stood away from their problem. Chaitanya and I grew stronger in our friendship. Later, we got separated in our college days.

It is here, again Nisha entered into my life and became close friend with me. Now, I realized why was she upset. She has been in Kerala for her medical studies and there she has met Chaitanya in the same institution. Due to some conflicts, she has entered into this college and had a fight with me when I asked the reason for her upset.

However, the next day, she was found dead in the corridor and in actual, I was in a hill station near Ooty at that time. I became confused. Who might have come to meet Nisha after I left the place?. I was frustrated for no answers.

Now, again a remembrance came into my mind. When I was returning from Ooty to my college, I noticed Chaitanya in a bike but, he fastened his bike and now, I suspected that he might have killed Nisha.

Taking a leave from my college, I, Sakthi and Abinesh leave for Kerala and confronts Chaitanya. Initially, Chaitanya lies to me. But, later, when I doubted his friendship, he emotionally reveals the truth to me.

Before 10 days, Chaitanya came for Coimbatore to see me. There, before coming to meet me, Chaitanya has met my family and learned that I am completely against them and before solving my problems, he was intended to solve his problems with Nisha.

When I left for Ooty in anger, he met her to make peace but, since she doesn't pay heed, he angrily pushes her but, she fells down from the corridor and eventually dies.

Initially, I was anger against Chaitanya as he has committed a sin by murdering Nisha. However, I changed my mind later, as I was also one of the reasons for Nisha's death.

I spare Chaitanya's life and leaves the place with Abinesh and Sakthi forgiving him. They were surprised with my good and innocent character.

The next day, I entered into the college where, everyone are eager to await me. Yes. Finally, Chaitanya has confessed his crimes to the public and surrendered to the police. The case that was filed against me, was also dropped.

Everyone patches up with me and I also reunited with my family, for which I have been waiting for a long time.

Nisha's parents apologize to me while I met Chaitanya's family and assured them of my full support whenever needed. Now, as I dreamed, I am selected for Indian Army under Air force and I lead a happy life.

While a reflection of Nisha smiles at me and I continued my life peaceful. Due to the anger, one completely loses his whole life and that's a harsh lesson for guys like me and Chaitanya.

The anger changed my life with a sorrowful twist and shattered my life. Hence, we should be calm and peaceful until, we achieve our dreams. Focus on your dream and never be distracted.

A river from it's source meets it's friends(tributaries, small streams) and antagonists (pollution). But, it faces them with a positive approach and meets the sea. But, before it's journey to meet the sea, the river also supports us by giving rich sediments. Hence, we must face their life with a positive approach and forget the negative thinking.

Remember this: "Whatever happens in our life, we should go forward. Never stop in-between. Achieve your dreams and ambition."

                    THE END. 

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