Everlasting Wait

Everlasting Wait

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She, as usual, was sitting on the corner table of the Delight Restaurant. This restaurant was the only decent restaurant amongst the more than two dozen food junctions situated on Colonel Pass in Will City. Her dress was full of holes; perhaps some months were in the layers of the dress which were destroying the dress literally. Her jewellery was age old full of greenish rust.

"Madam what would you like to drink?" asked the aged waiter who was as old as the restaurant. The way he asked her might be weired for others but he was sure that she'll certainly order a drink.

"What do you have today?" asked the lady.

"Normal coffee, black coffee, tea, soft drinks, fruit juice........" waiter spoke gruffly.

"One black coffee...." replied the lady.

"Anything to eat?" asked the waiter.

"Nothing...." said the lady looking at the lanky tall man who just entered the restaurant.

"Hey Jack, said the lady addressing to the lanky tall man, "Did you find Mohan?"

"Not yet......" replied the lanky man briefly.

"Keep looking for him, he is somewhere inside this barn valley." said the lady and lost in herself.

"Mr Jack, are you really looking for the man whom she just mentioned?" asked the young waiter serving a cup of tea and toasts to Jack.

"Mohan is long lost, only God knows where he is but once she asked me to find him in the valley. I asked all the inhabitants of the valley if they ever saw a man with the built and looks of Mr Mohan, but they had no answer.

"Who was Mohan? asked the waiter.

"Mohan was a hunter and he was behind a man-eater tiger when he entered the valley, but neither the tiger and nor the hunter was ever found," replied Jack sipping the tea.

"And who is this lady?" asked the waiter.

"Perhaps you are new here?" said Jack.

"Yes sir......" replied the waiter looking at the almost empty restaurant.

"Her name is Madam Raina, widow of a Kali Valley bandit Jalim Singh, Jalim Singh died but left enormous wealth for his widow. People say after her husband died she fell in love with the hunter Mohan. But her bad luck that Mohan also left her alone." said Jack and paid his bill and got up.

"How long has it been since the hunter is missing." asked the eager waiter.

"Twenty years ago, or more than twenty years ago," said Jack going out of the restaurant.

"Oh my god, and she is still waiting for him! How come someone be mad in love like her?" said the waiter following Jack.

"Yes lad, the day when the hunter went behind that man-eater, she decided to wait for him in Delight Restaurant, she dressed well that day and waited for him all the evening but Mohan never came back. But she stuck to that evening, she comes here every day in the evening clad in the same dress which she wore twenty years ago and wait for Mohan. She still has a vague hope that someday Mohan will really come back." said Jack and went out of the restaurant.

"Oh my god, love did it all to her......" heaved the waiter looking at Madam Raina who was lost in her thoughts and the coffee placed in front of her was getting cold.

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