Reading Yatra 1

Reading Yatra 1

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Reading yatra was all about discourse on reading. There were various agencies which were boasting that they understand all dimension related to it and they had specific plan to inculcate reading habit among early grade children. So Read alliance started a yatra with five professionals who were working diversely on education domain. They visited these organisations and drew thread on this topic as they could. It was Sunday, One yatri was at stayed Hotel Royal plaza. He stayed in room which was on the seventh floor. He was taking his rest suddenly reading jumped from the window into the swimming pool. Reading was puzzled listening so many perspective and approaches around her. She felt very much freedom and autonomy here. She felt someone was also there in swimming pool. She tried to recognize but failed. The other one was sometime reflected like her but her identity was so messy that nothing was clear.

Reading shouted – Who? Who are you? And what are you doing here? You are so clumsy...

Other one – oh! I got great wonder, this situation was so critical when one couldn’t recognize one’s shadow. Yes, I am your shadow, look at me and face the reality, it is your real existence, identify me!

Reading - Are! I am not believing my senses that how did I transform so much. I am surprised that how could not I recognize you? Yes really, this is my shadow, oh no, what happened to me.

Shadow- Oh! thank God! You admit the reality and also thanked almighty that you get a chance to see me otherwise in near future with your all effort you would never perceive this reality that how transformed you are.

Reading- I was happy that so many organisations were working for my nourishment and they aimed to strengthen me, develop reading habit, create reading culture, ensure reading at early stage of life. How could I have shifted away from the reason of my existence?

Shadow- Yeah, the true reading is to understand unspoken words, feel gloominess of heart, read struggle of breath, understand degree of emotions.

Reading- I do not just belong to mere books, my existence is beyond black letters, I am able to feel, I am not passive, my entity is in liveliness. I can laugh, I can scream, I can calm, I can be read when one put one’s soul in me. I am, really I am.

Shadow- Be cool! It was good to splash your face.

Reading (shouted)- Weather you read so many renowned name, thousand of books but if you could not empathize with your surroundings ,you did not read anything. If you could not initiate your hand for mankind, you don’t know about me.

Shadow- yes my dear! You lost in big talk on rationality, spirituality and humanity but in reality all these are Berg of extinction. Please wake up before havoc, nothing would be left , you too.

Reading- I was cleaning the mirrors of all and forget clean mine. Oh! reading yatris, please give me meaning, if you can really wish to do something for me that please search me in life not in pages.

Shadow- you should leave now before yatri woke up, reach from where you jumped. Perhaps there is no need of my existence so I am leaving, take care and be alive.

Reading- Yes, I promise.

Reading silently entered in the room of yatri and waiting for getting meaningful work on reading from this reading yatra.

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