Adhithya Sakthivel

Romance Comedy Drama


Adhithya Sakthivel

Romance Comedy Drama

Love story : A tale of romance

Love story : A tale of romance

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In this midnight at 3:30 AM, in this heavy fog near Kashmir Borders, we have to fight against the terrorists and as an Commander and General, I have to save my colleagues from them. At this situation, in a dilemma whether to serve the nation or to meet my loved ones.

The same situation arise when I was in my college days. In a dilemma, whether to focus on my career or to accept my love. From the time in 8th grade, I dreamed to join Army under Air force. Though I am an average student in 10th grade, I studied well in 12th and 11th grades after choosing Commerce group, which I voluntarily took up as a path to know about India and it's history.

There use to be a so many friends in my career citing to the luck of my name as Sai Adhithya. My character, to say in simple, is neither good nor bad. In a simple words, an egoistic student with severe anger management problems and an ambitious guy.

However, I respect friendship and use to give a lot of importance on this particular subject. There were so many good friends in my life. Among those comes these six main characters: Raghuram, a kongu-vellalar guy from Erode district, my great inspiration in terms of teamspirit, Vijey Abinesh, a Brahmin guy from Erode district, my role-model Neeraja, a girl I met in 8th grade and a Kongu Vellalar from Udumalapet(Role-model and an important mentor in my life), Dhaswin, another guy from my home town Pollachi, Aditya R, my friend and an inspiration for me as per his sports career and Harsha Vardhan, my inspiration from academic career.

These six guys has played variety of roles in my life. But, A situation arise for me in which I fell in love with my classmate Neeraja. However, later I realized my mistake of violating my ambition and ethics where I was stubborn to limit my friendship with girls because of my mad passion for Indian Army.

This mad ambition even led me to be a protector for being to my friends under many circumstances and during my college days, I goes under a rigorous and extreme trainings in NCC for Indian Army when I was in PSG arts near Coimbatore.

Here, I expected a friend like Neeraja and also worshiped my god that, the girl should exactly look like Neeraja. Same thing has happened for me and as I desired, a girl named Ishika, exactly like Neeraja, came into my life.

I myself was surprised to guess her name and frequently remember Neeraja from her face. She is now in New Delhi for her MBBS. Initially, this girl Ishika was irritated by my overbearing attitude and for my egoistic nature.

Later, on one day, she noticed my vigorous training for Indian Army and also understood my compassion towards friendship and nation. Being touched with this, she came for a friendship with me.

But, I rejected her request after learned about her arrogant and funny attitude towards people but, learned that she is the daughter of a police officer. I also met her father in college meetings and was impressed with her father's speech about society.

Ishika was very angry with me. One day, a long trip for Kashmir is arranged by our college in a bus. However, I felt that Ishika's activities are very atrocious and she ill-treated the Indian Army and IPS peoples by playing a stage drama in the bus that seems to mock them.

Initially I controlled myself and tolerated her mischievous acts. Later, I fired with anger and gave her a left and right slap that shocks everyone including my close friends. That's because I have never beaten any girls from childhood till to date.

"How dare you speak bad about Indian Army? What you say? They are all a people hailing from Poverty background. Mind your words. Your father is also a police officer." I further told her, "The military peoples whom you mock now, only fought for us during Kargil times and even now, so many of them are dying in the borders for our country's sake."

"The dress that you wear now, and the enjoyment that you have now, are all because of their bloodsheds for this nature. Remember. One more time, If I hear anyone speaking bad about my country, I will go to the extent of thrashing. Let it be a boy or girl"

I was very angry and heated on that time and left the place while Ishika shed tears for my slap.

"Hey, Adhithya. You should have think a twice before slapping her. She is a girl. Think how would she have been hurt?" asked my friend Abinesh.

"I know that she would be hurt. But, Think of my situation. I was unable to tolerate her disgracing behavior" I said him.

"As my friend, you should apologize to her. Apologize to Ishika and then, talk to me. Until then, we are not going to speak" said Abinesh.

"Hey…Don't show your anger…I will ask her my apology…Not for her…For your sake…For the welfare of my close and sweet friend Abinesh…" I said him.

"Hey…Enough Adhi…I will not convince for your words…" said Abinesh smiling.

However, I myself was upset with my behavior for the first time. The guilt which I felt for the second time with Ishika. It hurts me a lot even when compared to Neeraja with whom, I had a small fight, but doesn't took it so serious.

The next day, I apologized to Ishika whole-heartedly.

Ishika said to me, "Adhi. I doesn't took it seriously. But, I saw your love for nation when you slapped me for such a mistake I have done"

"Have you realized your mistakes?" I asked her.

"Yes. I realized my fault. Shall I ask you one favour Adhithya?" she asked me.

"Yes… What's there in it? Ask what you think in your mind." I said to her.

"Shall we be friends?" asked to me.

After thinking a while, I accepted her request.

The moments that she was spending with me reminded the memorable days that I spent with Neeraja and also made me to realize the importance of love despite the value for friendship.

Still, my ego doesn't allow to accept this and preferred for Indian Army. One day, Ishika met me in the Amarnath which is our last trip in Kashmir and proposed her love to me.

"I doesn't know how to propose my love, Adhithya. Please adjust to it" said Ishika.

"You told, you doesn't know to express your feelings. I have never seen such a good love proposal in my life. Love… I know it's value very well from my childhood life. But, I am not in the position to give respect to it… I like you so much as a friend… But, please don't tell me this love… I have a different dream in my life…I think you might understand this Ishika…Bye…" I said to her.

However, I myself has a guilt in my mind for rejecting Ishika's love proposal because, I worshiped to the god that a girl like Neeraja should come in my life. But, I felt ashamed to hurt the girl whom I consider as my role-model.

I become relieved when I remember about my ambition. However, now my friend Raghuram saw me and scolded me.

"Adhithya. You are too selfish and ambitious… For your passion for this country, will you leave a girl who is in love with you?" asked Raghuram.

I was unable to give a answer to him.

"I have supported you at many means… But, I feel guilt that you are spoiling your life" said Raghuram.

When I was in the final year, I met Ishika as for the two years, I was haunt by her and decided to speak with her.

"Ishika. I am in love with you… The day I met you in the college, you remembered my classmate Neeraja…she looks exactly like you…"

"Once I join Indian Army, let's get married with our family's blessings" said Ishika.

She was very happy to hear this word from me and asked me, "Will you be there with me, forever?" asked me.

"Promise. I will always be with you" I said her and assured my promise.

After a training period for four years under Commander and Anti-terrorism squad, I decided to meet Ishika. However, the terrorists attack came due to the cancellation of special status for Kashmir and the Pulvama attack.

After finishing surgical strike, I decided to meet her on February 14th. However, All over Kashmir 144 was passed and we were put for duty to knock down the terrorists.

Now, I have to cheat Ishika who will be waiting for me in the airport of Coimbatore for the country's sake. After finishing our mission and the relief of 144, I have been granted a leave by the Indian Army for two weeks.

I met Ishika, after these six long years and both of us emotionally hugged each other.

"Ishika. Don't finish your romance here itself" I said to her.

"Hey…Don't be playful, Adhithya" she said to me.

"Adhithya. Let's marry with our parent's consent" said Ishika.

"I have come in-order to speak about it" I said to her.

Suddenly, Ishika closed my eyes and I asked her, "Ishika. Why did you close my eyes?"

"Silence…It's a surprise for you, Adhi…Let me show you these friends to your eyes…" and she slowly removed my eyes.

There stood my friends, Raghuram, Abinesh, Adithya and Neeraja…

"Hey, Adhithya…Armyman…How are you?" asked my friends.

"I am fine, guys…How are you all? We are meeting after a long gap…" I said gladly.

"It's not after a long gap for us, Adhithya…But, for you…After a long fight in Army…You are seeing us…At least, now you have a memorable day before going for duty…" said Abinesh.

"Definitely, my friends…" I assured them.

"Hey, Adhithya. Don't leave me in the tense of meeting your friends" said Ishika.

"I will not leave you…my darling" and I hugged her.

"Friends…Let us go man…I think they will finish their romance after a five long minutes" said my friend Raghuram.

"Hey…I am coming…Let's go" I said to them and we goes for a farewell party and enjoyed ourselves.

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