Lady With The Fruit Knife

Lady With The Fruit Knife

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These days daily we come to know about some people and their heroic tasks of saving humanity. Here is one of the true stories which I have came to know.

I am a very ordinary person. Never had anything happened in my life as I often came to read. But sometimes it happens that you learn a lot from those things. Something that will make some changes in your life. I am a writer and in this way I can understand things quickly. But what happened that night was beyond my understanding, why it happened, how it happened... Can someone put his life at stake when he has found a happy life after a lot of hard work. Are you among those people who consider women as weak? If yes, then you are not completely wrong. I also thought that women could not be so brave. Yes, how can women be so brave? But after that night all changed, I still have not forgotten the lovely smile on his face. He was happy that the coming tomorrow will change his life. He told that his engagement is tomorrow. She also had lots of shopping. No one knows the future, but we all definitely know where we are going to be tomorrow. Even in that journey, we were expecting something similar, but luck had written something else for us.

I got ready as i had to catch my Bangalore train. Station was no near than we expected our

people would have done. But at the last hour I hurried up and rushed to the Station. I got overwhelmed when I was confirmed that I have reached the Station five minutes early than the train. I bought myself a book, quoted “Heroes”. Though the cover couldn’t attract me that easily, but it was a satisfaction for my journey. The train

arrived. I got up into the train, struggling from between the curious crowd. My eyes Scanning here and there, my seat. And no sooner I got my seat ‘S 13’. I though have heard about many terrific train journeys but haven’t thought about this one. Well I kept waiting as I was curious to know who the front berth ‘S 10’ belonged to. Not

waiting so long, I got to know that, a beautiful lady owned that berth. I was highly satisfied that, a young lady was in front of me, who seemed to be like an NGO owner. But not detailing the features, she just looked Gorgeous.

She looked like in her late 20’s, but I didn’t mind to ask her. A ‘Hi’ was not enough for our introduction. So I better waited for the train to start.

We started our journey, though mere just a journey, but this was bigger than that. I made my first move and got guts to ask her what was her name. She responded “Priya”. Aah! Priya! What a nice name.

Though I didn’t feel comfortable but then too I asked her where was she going. A direct political response “I am heading off to Bangalore”. I could judge her through my Psychological view, that she was slowly getting comfortable. I again gathered guts to ask her, who will receive her in Bangalore. Though not so interested, but blissfully she replied “My family lives in Bangalore. I am getting engaged tomorrow”. I congratulated her and to

which she actually blushed. We were travelling in the January mornings, so it was stark cold.

Unfortunately I didn’t carry my blanket or any such thing which can save me from this deadly cold. Night time I was shivering of cold as if I was in the South Atlantic. Unbearable winters pinched up my goosebumps. She saw me shivering, and offered me her blanket. I went up bit formal. But then she told me to use it, as she was having one

extra. I applauded my destiny, that a caring young lady was next to me. Now that I got comfortable with the weather, we started chatting. I discovered that, like me, she too was a bookworm. I met a curious book lover in her. Moon came up with the stars, and we chatted endlessly.

I asked her favourite Author/ Writer. She took many renowned names. One was in common, that was Chetan Bhagat. I told her I too am a Writer. She so got interested in my knowledge. And so on we chatted, until we felt

lethargic, And decided to sleep. She kept her things on the small table type flip. And I switched off the light. It was around mid-night, clearly not aware of the time.

There took a Dacoity. Dacoits swooped down on. Everybody got up. Sudden Crys!! We heard a woman cry, near the wash area. All rushed there. And what a shock we found that the woman was stuck with the Dacoits, and the Dacoits pointed their Air Guns on us. Sweat ran down my face. We all were in stark terror. We saw the dacoits looting cash, jewelry and mobiles worth over lakhs from passengers in four sleeper coaches after forcibly stopping the train by taking the cabin man hostage near Dadnagar Halt there. I just prayed to God, to save us from this. Now this was getting suffocating. Nothing ran in our minds, just terror. How to call the police. Because it was our may day call. Even they were opening our luggage. Opening and taken all the necessary things and throwing away all the useless items.

We thought our death countdown has started. Butthen I saw that Young Lady “Priya”, she was actually on to something. I can’t say what, but it looked like she was preparing for something. She gave us a token that she will attack the dacoits. Though we were aware about the woman power, but this time it was a seriously crazy deed. A big picture cannot say, but you need to be a Martial Arts expert in this case. I was really worried as to what will happen now.

There were 4-5 dacoits. One of them came and stood in front of me. He was the Head of all the dacoits. And to my

surprise Priya wanted that time. She signalled me to distract the mind of the Dacoit. I stared at the person with a pity face. I feared, what will happen if he showered all his anger on me. But the next instance i saw Priya taking out a small knife from her pocket. Actually it was a fruit cutter knife. I kept on staring at that person, and

in the meanwhile she got ready. Suddenly, she twisted, got up and held that person putting that knife under his neck. ‘Put your Guns down” she ordered the other four dacoits.

They didn’t react. She told their Head to order his men. The very next moment ‘Put the Guns down’ was the order

given by their head. We gathered our spirit and got relaxed. She told an uncle near her, to call the police. But expecting police in such an area, that too on time was like expecting Fruits from a lifeless tree. Dacoits are never insane. And they proved us. One of them quietly picked up the Gun, and opened fire.

Though that was just to terrify us. But we actually started losing all our hopes again. I was feeling like sitting in a Hi-Jack plane. But this was not so different. We could have called it Train Hi-Jack. In order to save us, Priya

hit the man hard on his leg. She turned the man down, and opened fire from his Gun. The other four dacoits died on spot. We appreciated her bravery. But the Head was now to be taken special care off. Suddenly that man pushed Priya hard.

She fully tried to take away the Gun from that man. But so unfortunate, the dacoit suddenly fired. And five bullets in her body. But will little strength, she inserted the small knife in his Heart. Both fell down. Died there. Tears ran down my face, seeing that brave girl lying breathless. She cared for others, that she need not to prove to

anyone. As that proved it. I was imagining what will her family react after seeing their young daughter, dead. But we would call her a Martyr as she sacrificed her life ,without even thinking about her new and upcoming life.

Possibly nothing could have been done. The driver moved the train. We were sitting on the same position as we have had a great shock. After reaching Bangalore, I couldn’t possibly imagine what her family could have

suffered. I didn’t say even a word, and walked out of the train. Heading towards my home, I was

continuously thinking of that. My mind was totally disturbed after seeing such a bloody mess in my journey and that brave young lady, who actually proved herself a hero.

My cousin came to pick me up. He asked me ‘How was your journey’. I couldn’t reply to this. He thought I was tired of the journey, so didn’t enquire much. The next morning when i woke up. I saw the front page Headline reading “A real Hero” with a picture of that Girl. The CM of of our state had announced a “Bravery Award” for her, and cash prize for supporting her family. I again thought of her smile. The beautiful young lady has now won

many hearts.

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