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The Abominable Experience
The Abominable Experience

© Ruta Mangalampalli

Comedy Horror

3 Minutes   8.0K    123

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She approached the building slowly, with short steps. Careful steps. Each one bringing her closer to her own doom. She had never wanted to come here. But they had forced her to, and she had no choice but to comply with what they wanted. The air in front of her was foggy. Her breath misted, scaring her even more. Finally, she approached the gates that would lead her to hell. She pushed it open gingerly with her hand. The rusty gates creaked and wobbled on their hinges, threatening to collapse. Yet she maintained her calm. After all, they were here to save her if things went wrong. She nodded to herself as an encouragement and carried on.

The building looked quite dilapidated, in her opinion. The lighting inside the building wasn't that appealing either. Dim lights lit her path as she moved towards the door that destined her fate. She collected herself and took a deep breath. She knocked once on the door. Then twice. There was no reply. As she lifted her hand to knock a third time, a faint voice beckoned her to come in. She rested her hand on the cold iron doorknob and twisted it. The door opened slightly and she pushed it open completely.

It was just as hellish as she had imagined it to be. The room had absolutely no windows. Except for a ventilator at the top. She looked around nervously, plotting all possible exit routes in her hand. There were not really many choices. The door was one, but it would surely be locked. The ventilator was likely to be used by a cat, not her. She cracked her knuckles and sat down on the leathery chair he offered.

It was disturbingly scary, with terrifying apparatus lined up on either side. He gave her a wicked grin, as though plotting her death. Her breath rattled her lungs. She started going through every prayer she knew, and to every Greek, Roman or Norse god or goddess she had read about. Surely they would help her. With this thought, she opened her eyes. He was right next to her. Darkness, she thought. Gloom. Peril. D- her thoughts were interrupted by a sudden decrease of energy in her. She felt woozy and light - headed. Something was wrong. She clawed her hands at the air, trying to grab hold of something, anything, that she could hold on to. Nothing. There was nothing for her. She gave up the struggle, falling into the black void of unconsciousness.

"It went pretty well," she heard. "She fell asleep instantly. There was no problem, except she had a couple of cavities." She opened her eyes and gave a little whoop, oblivious to everyone in the room. She had just survived her first visit to the dentist.

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