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L(ove)ust Or Infatuation
L(ove)ust Or Infatuation

© Sivakumar Alagurajan


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A small chapter in life of a couple may be me and her, relationship is filled with trust and belief I never believed in love at first sight until I saw you,

the day when I proposed first I could feel your hesitation. First the day you gave me time to think, but without second thought I was strong in my decision it was the first mistake which I must have thought twice.

I made by giving false hope, thinking life is a just a hope it was collage 1st year. I never thought life would've been this difficult, still I remember the first hug you gave me when I hesitated too and the first kiss which I gave you.

But when it came as the next we took it as take it for granted, life would've gone easy if we would have believed in each other more rather than believing others.

As the day passed the trust between us and belief started to lose. There were countless hugs and kisses between us but we were still searching for the love and trust we had on each other on the

first day. Single stone is enough to break a glass, if I would have held your hands when ever we had arguments, I know now we would've been together, I am not blaming you just blaming me

for letting you go.

As it was me who gave you false hope never take a relationship as take it for granted. A relationship is build with love, trust, belief. Its difficult to build and easy to break as we did.

Till now I am confused about the relationship we had weather is a L(OVE)UST OR INFATUATION?

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