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The Unknown Angels

The Unknown Angels

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It was a cold night, I was heading to my room from my office at 11. I stopped my bike in a petty shop to have a smoke. After lighting a cigarette, I found her near the bus stand. A middle aged women with a nice saree neatly dressed. Something attracted me towards her, we had eye contacts many times while I was smoking gradually. I realized she was there to pick up her customer, there was a fumble in my heart, I gathered my courage to talk to her, finally she agreed. I picked her up in my bike as we reached my room.

Now I could see her face clearly. A middle aged woman with a fear on her face. My heart was beating high, she comforted me by starting the conversation, she introduced herself and then me. I didn't have guts to start anything, by the time she got a call, I could see her voice was happy. She changed her voice in a kid way when she spoke on phone, I asked her with anxiety who it was, she said it was her kid.

Now my eagerness was more, I stared asking her about her family. First, she hesitated, later she revealed that she was from a middle class family, was cheated by her husband who left her alone with her kids even if it was a love marriage. I could see the tears as pearl drops rolling in her eyes, I didn't even have the courage to wipe that.

I saw her only for the pleasure but she made me realize that there is something beyond that, from the single hug she gave me, we had a long chat all through the night, I dropped her again at the same place in morning, we exchanged our numbers, not as a customer but as a friend. She vanished in the darkness in early morning.

Few see only for flesh and pleasure but there is untold pain and stories beyond those pleasures.

People call her as prostitute but she is an unknown angel for me, there are still many angels who are unknown, who just sacrifice their life for their family just by hiding their pain. Yes, Angels do exist.

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