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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

“The EX” Is Not A Word To Call

“The EX” Is Not A Word To Call

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It was a fine day in a mall when I saw her. Yes it’s her with the same smile years may move but her smile never changed. For a moment I was left blank is that co-incidence? Seeing the person whom you thought who you’re not going to meet again. Yes, it’s her still unable to believe my eyes, the person who was your world once but this time you don’t have a word to talk.

Looking next there was a cute kid who might be her son. It is very happy to her controlling him a teenage girl whom you loved has changed into a woman a mother. You don’t have the courage to approach her except standing aside and adoring her Just like a stranger the girl whom you have held in your arms is no more yours.

The girl you were in love at the age of eighteen, the little teenage girl has now become a matured woman. She too noticed me but we both dint have the courage to speak whole of our golden days flashed before me for a second. The person whom you spoke all night now doesn’t have a single word to speak except silence.

She smiled at me again and I knew that smile meant a lot to me. It expressed everything which a word can’t express. Happy to see her like the moon which fades away from the sky. She left the mall again by giving the same smile with her husband.

Even the world is tiny before that smile. Life went so fast love hugs differences fight breakup. As we both didn't have the maturity at the age  It was almost 6 years I saw her, so-called EX.

Is that the right way to call her as EX? The person whom you were close once whom you shared everything when she was your world. She or he can’t be your “EX” when her memories are stuck deep inside you THE “EX” is not the right way to call her when her memories exist in you, She is Not my EX as she Ex (ists) Everywhere deep inside my Heart

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