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Love Is Free
Love Is Free

© Sanaya Ross

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Nobody gives love for free

Everyone expects a return or a receipt for what they’ve invested in

Hold my hand, be my friend

Love me without expecting a return for all the good times we’ve had

Make me feel safe

I need this more than most and I can see you need it more

But no one gives a damn or a return on anything they’ve learned

Empty your pockets and unravel your wallets if you wish to buy love

Things aren’t always what they seem and no one gives love for free except me


Things change with day in age

We’re more civilized and dumber than ever before


My jaw drops, time stops

My heart sinks and no one gives love for free


Tell me what you’re charging

Maybe I’ll stop in a bargain

But come on, let's be straight

I’ll play the counterpart to your soul

And one of the best people you’ve ever known


if you'll play frank

Baby, tell me again what’s the going rate?


Because no one gives their love for free

Is it me you think your saving?

Are you the hero in the night?


The raven is in flight

Is it me you think you’re saving?

You’ve got one thing coming babe

And it’s not me you’re saving, it’s you

I’ve been down this road

There’s a penny trail shining

Brassy like diamonds behind me


I’m giving my money away

Because darling my love ain't for sale or for trade

It’s for free



You’re saving yourself, and not me

Why won’t you see, why wont you see?


It’s you you’re saving, and not me

I deal with a hundred salesmen every day

And baby my love is not for sale or for trade

It’s for free



Everyone wants something in return

No one gives love for free

Darling I’ve never been concerned

With what people are going to do to me

It’s been done

And my love ain't for sale or for trade

It’s for free

Love Free

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