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Into The Dark Woods

Into The Dark Woods

2 mins 413 2 mins 413

Wandering around in the Machiavellian forests of my mind

A broken pine tree upon which I stumble, lost and afraid.

Majestic in its timeless glory, death too awaits his claim

As it lies under its white blanket of mushroom blooms.

I continue down the snowy path, feet heavy and numb

For there is someone I seek, someone who wants to be found.

Follow the flight of the raven's into the woods, I was told

But in the darkness there are only ravens I see all around.

Death, he comes picking up my scent, of fear and despair.

He followed me into the woods, pools of blood in every step.

His silent grey blade glinting in the icy starlight, 

Does he want me, or does he want the one I seek.

I hear a laugh, my heart goes numb, on my knees I fall

There is a silence now in my soul, is it death's music I hear?

The dark shadow grows behind me, my last gift, a shroud.

The laugh now comes back, an echo that leaves me cold.

The shadow grow longer, but it's not because he is closer.

The sun rises behind him, like an angel sent from god above.

White Arrows of light pierce straight through the blackness 

A ruffle of feathers, I turn to see, a raven on the broken Pine tree.

A smile plays on my lips, I feel warm and safe, in a mother's womb.

The light of the sun fills up my heart, life flows again through me.

Death shall not have me here, and I will try again some another night.

To follow the raven down through the dark cold woods of my mind.

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