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Minati Rath

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Yes, I am a Teacher

Yes, I am a Teacher

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I was conscious

To lights, camera and action

With drama and dialogues

I had no relation

But when I joined this profession

I had to act and play

With my emotions

I could manage my anger and frustration

I could conceal my tears,

Oh! I had become an actor,

Director and performer!

Yes, I am a teacher.

I play many roles

A gardener, a weaver,

An architect, a painter,

A Potter and many more

I customise my prowess

To meet the need of time

Accepting every challenge

I become the change.

Yes, I am a teacher

People call me a nation builder,

For the foundation of every profession

Is laid by me with utmost care.

Yes I am a warrior

Who fights every war

Against ignorance in every form

And enlightens the way

With knowledge and wisdom

Vashistha, Viswamitra, Valmiki

Vrihaspati, Sandipani

Nanak, Kabir and Koutilya,

Socrates and many more

These are some incarnations

But I am not the saviour

Yes, I am a teacher.

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