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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Your Court

Your Court

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The serial ‘your court’ settles various family disputes small and big issues both, many complicated cases the judges settle in the court through television channels. People could see the verbal interactions, interrogations, directly through channels, the renowned personality police officer ‘Kiran Bedi’ discuss the problems, in the session, in the TV studio, with direct life or active telecast, all the evidences, supporters are presented in the court. Finally a written agreement is done, that is considered as the final legal solution. How does Kiran bedi finds the solutions, she follows certain legal rules, then she takes necessary grounds or causes of the fights, at last she makes solutions of those problems in a very acceptable, conclusive ways through mutual agreements, but her decision is considered as final. Kiran bedi invites judges, priests, popes, kaji or gurus of respective religions, in consulting with them she takes final decision.

The argument follows like this, ladies in their argument say that, they want to carry on or persue some jobs or business of their own likings, like tailoring, tuition, teaching, beautician job, governess job or cook job in mess and rich houses in lieu of that, they are going to get high salary or regular money but, their husbands are not allowing them to carry on such jobs, even if they are allowed, their in laws stand as obstacles on their progress as the root cause of the quarrel. It is their poverty and the wretched financial condition of their family lifes as the husbands never like to send their wives for work, the in laws force them to carry on the traditional business of their families like vendors work, saling and buying business of vegetables, fruits, fishes, coconuts etc forcibly against their choices, Some are forced to work as daily worker or labourer in the field or building construction work.

Wives say, husbands are persuaded, misguided and provoked by their in laws; they unreasonably, irrationally accuse and assault their wives as the cause of their all misfortunes, misery and poverty. Husbands are unable to afford essential requirements like ration, rice, wheat and kerosene, neither they can provide food and clothes to their children nor can they give school education to their children, ladies are burst out into loud cry, expressing and disclosing their grieves and sorrows in front of the court, they felt very secured while expressing their sorrows, as if they got relief from a long time burdon of their lifes.

The most dynamic, influential, impressive personality of Indian women society, many awards winner the most patient, judicious ,judge I feel she is, she enquires certain rules like she keeps on asking every time in her court, rule no ‘1—have you complaint in police or filed any case in legal court, against torture or domestic violence? 2---have you asked for the maintenance? 3-do your husband give you maintenance? 4- Do you know the rules of separation? 5- - why did you tolerated physical torture? 6---Why did you not complain in police as a domestic violence?’’

Then she tries to explain the sufferers or clients who came for justice to her court, the television serial ‘your court’. She assures her clients explaining the rules of civil court or common rules like, when the ladies are undergoing any type of physical torture must complaint in police station writing FIR against their in-laws, it comes under the section of domestic violence, if old parents also suffer such type of violence, physical torture then immediately they must write FIR or can file a case in civil court .The wives should strongly oppose if husbands abandon them without any bold and correct reason. If they leave in separation, more than six months then they wives have all right to go for a divorce legally in the court. The court decides what can be done, if court grants permission for the divorce, then husband has to pay one third of his salary to the wife for her maintenance, it is the strict rule of the court, the husbands can not refuse the court’s order, or can not violate the rules of court contempting court’s order is equal of showing the disrespect to court. No one can challenge or condemn court.

Kiran Mishra could assimilate her suffering with those poor ladies who have been giving financial aid to her in-laws. Same thing has happened with Kiran. Kiran has been working as a professor for fifteen years. She has taken so many loans like house purchasing loan, car purchasing loan, and study loan for children for their higher education. .Still now she has been repaying the bank loan with interest from her provident fund. Her life has been over loaded with debt and interest. She has to work hard both in college and at home. Her in-laws have been living a luxurious life style keeping two, three maids at their service. They have purchased so costly furniture’s, decorative pieces to show off their richness in their house where as ,Kiran is struggling hard to maintain her status and living hood with lot of difficulties though she is working as a professor through out her life.

Both Kiran’s husband and Kiran purchase a land together. But Kiran’s husband sold the land in triple rate. They purchased in five lakhs but sold in twenty lakhs getting the benefit of fifteen lakhs more. Her husband deposited money in his name not opening a joint or co-account. Interest of the loan was deposited in her husband’s accounts. He did not make Kiran a nominee also. It was a very deceitful scornful conduct of her husband. Kiran lost faith, confidence from her husband. Kiran never reminds that she has ever spent a thousand rupees in the name of a party or a celebration. She never goes for a shopping purchasing a costly fancy saree or any costly ornament. Neither she keeps a servant maid nor a cook, as she is unable to pay more than a sum of five hundred rupees as salary. Her maid felt pity for Kiran seeing her financial helplessness when they ask for advance or loan. Very often Kiran thinks for getting a divorce from her husband but she remains silent for the sake of her children.

Some times Kiran’s husband tries hiding his helplessness as Kiran was earning more than her husband. Kiran is more qualified than her husband. So her husband develops a type of inferior complex. There fore he used to ridicule and trouble her in her progressment or career. He very often repeats the same comment like ‘give up your job no need to go office stay like a housewife and do all house work job. My salary is enough to fulfill the needs of my house. What ever you are earning more than that, you can save staying at home only, no need to go out to earn money. But Kiran knows how she has been managed her house fulfilling all the needs of her children, her in-laws, and her husband’s needs also with her salary, loan and advance.

The same story was repeated in case of that old lady ‘Ramamani’ who was seventy years old, was more heart touching, pitiable condition of an woman’s ill-treatment when her husband ‘Shankar’ cheated her wife in the name of treatment giving wrong medicines like sleeping pills, making her dull and lethargic, yes Ramamani used to take care of her family since thirty years being a devoted, honest and sincere wife. She never asks for money to run the house. Sometimes she hides a small amount of money not exceeds more than twenty or thirty rupees near the god. She uses it in emergency time. Her children became grown up.

They need money to buy books and note books how long will they burrow from others? The grown up sons and daughters demand money for daily expenses, they used to go by bus not driving vehicles to the colleges. She never demands money for her maintenance but, she was worried for her children. Her children never demand anything from their father but, they demand from their mother only. Her grown up daughters need money everyday for several purposes. Her husband also needs money every day as he goes to office but, her husband was the only earner, financer of the house, so he used to write the daily expenses of the house maintaining an annual diary book each year even, he writes the daily expenses of two or three rupees in his book, if Ramamani forgets to give the explanation of two rupees expenditure then also her husband enquires about her expenses for one hour, until he gets the answer like this, Ramamani managed the house successfully for twenty five years after her marriage.

She married at the age of fifteen years when she became forty years old her first daughter married then, her other four children were under her care. It was a great blessing that her husband was a government employee so, he was entitled to keep two peons in her house, who used to help Ramamani in cooking and doing other house works in her house, in lieu of that, they eat two times in their house so any way Ramamani had to spend more money in cooking purpose slowly, slowly her children were brought up. Another two daughters also grew up and got nice husbands who were getting nice salary also.

With the passage of time Ramamani’s sons were able to earn money, they too got married when Ramamani was fifty years old so, Ramamani’s husband felt little relaxed being freed from all burdens suddenly, Ramamani felt her status must improve so, she was happy, now she can spend money as she desires but what happened her dreams remained dreams. Neither had she got finance power nor she got her maintenance money for the purpose of buying sarees or any other things. Ramamani’s son and daughter in law started fighting for money with their father-in-law for their maintenance money as they earned very less amount of money. So Shankar decided to hand over half of his monthly income or salary for house maintenance purpose to his son and daughter-in-law. Ramamani agreed with this condition because there was no other way to solve the situation, now their sons remained happy but, they totally forgot the sacrifices of ‘Ramamani’ for them. When Ramanni demanded maintenance money, she was strongly refused by her husband and son.

So as usual she got only two hundred rupees for her maintenance as she was getting thirty five years back. Now she wanted to fight with her husband for money after a long time. When she started fighting with her husband insisting him to give one third of his salary money to her, for the maintenance of the house, then her husband thought she is mentally sick, otherwise how can she demand such a big share or amount of money to him? With the consultation of psychiatric doctor he started giving her sleeping pills as she was getting tensed in money matter as her husband said to the doctor. Doctor made diagnosis. He said, ‘Ramamani’ needs rest. She should not discuss with family members regarding money or money related matter or financial problems of the house. She is at the age of seventy. So, family members should not discuss any family problems with her.

She has shared all miseries, crises, financial problems and family tragedies, now she is not in a stage to bear more sorrows, she must relax and take rest enjoying her life, the way she wants to spend either visiting several places or gossiping with her friends or visiting various holy, spiritual places as she likes, she does not need more money for that purpose.

She had reached at the age of late seventy, still then her family members were not leaving her to live peacefully. They expected a lot from her, their expectation never ended though she was not able to cook at this stage for all the house members but, family members expect her to do all other household works like washing clothes, sweeping floor and cleaning of garden. Even they expect her to clean the bath rooms also, because she was not fit to do other responsible works.

Only thing was expected from her was all type of simple but laborious works she can do, so the family members can save money, in other extravagance, even her husband was expecting her to do his service like washing his clothes, sweeping and cleaning his room and bed sheet, all these works could be done appointing maids giving some money but no, her family members did not agree. Her daughter in law said ‘why? Why mother what work will you do? Because, you can not cook. So, the only work you can do is cleaning work, you sweep the garden; clean the house; clean the clothes and clean the bathrooms, these are the works you can do, no need to waste money for all these purposes ,house hold works paying money to the maids.

Ramanni was shocked because at last she has become the servant of the house why and for what reason? Because, in this age she can not cook, she thought who denied her husband to keep a cook, if he would have been accustomed during his early old age in keeping cook then, he would not suffer all these things but, no after some years Ramanni’s husband got used or habituated with the cooking of his two daughter in laws. He felt himself very helpless as if he would die without getting food, he would starve to death. This mental dependence made him weak inside he started depending on others. Shankar used to scold his wife Kiran for any thing as ‘useless, nonsense fellow, good for nothing, just wasting up my money doing no family service’.

Even her sons, daughter in laws also considered her like that but, the real truth was totally different as Ramanni knows her husband is getting high salary, pension, as he was retired as a class one officer. So he is supposed to get high salary because both her daughter in laws are watching to grab the money from his father in law’s hands. Now, all the children have lust, greedy desire to snatch money from their father so, they used to flatter the father in law. where as Ramanni’s husband too expected her to obey his order and command, whatever he says Ramanni should listen and obey without complaining, she would be flattering him for money.

But Ramanni was tortured mentally being neglected by her family members, she had done a lot for her family during the crises time, financial crises time, Ramanni had managed the finance of the house, she had been saving one, one rupee for her family, she worked hard to provide a good comfort and luxury to her family members, the house was made by her effort and sacrifice only. She had deposited only fifty thousand keeping on lease her gold ornaments in bank, which was very important emergency for her husband now the value of that land is two crores.

Ramanni made the house with lot of difficulties standing on the sight whole day from morning till night, everyday quarreling with her husband, for loan, advance etc, with lot of difficulties and fighting, she completed the construction of the house at last. What did she get in return? The painful time is over, she has spent so much money going through a lot of miseries and bad experiences, so she had to live on loan, interest all these things. When her husband’s condition improved dramatically that time Ramanni suffered, all the money were misused by her daughter-in-laws, they spent money lavishly for them and for their children, but Ramanni had to sacrifice for all these things

At her age of seventy she had to work hard doing sweeping, cleaning washing clothes all strenuous works to save money of her husband and sons that was the greatest tragedy of her life. Who would give her justice and protection? she was not able to get the maintenance money also. Who would give her justice and dignity. Her right, as a wife could she get? No, whole life she did not get justice, money or maintenance. How would court give her justice? How would she get justice from Indian penal court or civil court? These rich class, aristocrat, cultured and educate society cannot go to ‘your court’, in order to keep the dignity and prestige of their families hiding truth and reality of rich lifes. Television serials ‘your court’ can solve the problems of lower middle class families not the upper middle class family problems, they remain in secret as unsolved stories.

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