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You Color My Silence With Love

You Color My Silence With Love

4 mins 529 4 mins 529

Rahul was giving a birthday party and all the friends were enjoying the party on the beach while Sowmya was sitting alone and writing something on a piece of a paper. Rahul came near her and grabbed the piece of paper from her hand and started to read it out loudly to everyone.

"You came into my quiet desert world

and drenched me in your love ocean.

You colour my silence with your love..."

Rahul stopped and looked at Sowmya and said, "Ocean in the Desert, really?! And how do you colour silence??"

Sowmya took the paper back forcefully and was about to leave, but everyone started clapping at her and appreciated the lines. However, she left the place and started moving to her room in the hotel near the beach. Rahul ran behind her apologising but she kept moving.

Rahul blocked her way and said, "I'm sorry dear. Everything is fair in love and war, so please forgive me."

She was furious and about to tell something, but someone was calling Rahul from a far end on the beach, Sowmya pushed him and replied, "Go and take care of them, we can talk about it later" and kept moving.

Rahul shouted, "Love you Soww Sooowwmyauuchh.. You go to the hotel, freshen up, let's go out for dinner tonight, alright."

Sowmya smiled silently and waved her hand without turning back and went to the room.

Later, Rahul and Sowmya left for dinner in his car and she was looking outside the car window silently while he was driving. He felt she was still angry on him, so he wanted to make her smile. Thus he acted coughing to grab her attention and was about to tell something.

She heard him and turned towards him and said, "What now? Look front and drive properly."

He smiled and replied, "Okay, Okay."

They reached the restaurant and Rahul went near the receptionist desk and asked for the table he reserved using the mobile app. The lady receptionist showed them their table and they both sat and she started looking at the menu while he was only looking at her.

"We are not here for food, we came here to spend some time together. It's my birthday and we're on a romantic dinner," Rahul said those words.

Sowmya closed the menu book and said, "Okay. Have you talked with Mom today? How are things going on there? Is everything fine?"

"What? Can't you talk something romantic. You're only romantic in your poems not in reality. Anyways, I just talked with her before coming here and I've also told her about this dinner." Rahul expressed and started looking at the menu.

"Okay baba. what would you want me talk?" Sowmya asked.

The lady receptionist interrupted them, gave them a bouquet and announced aloud in the mic, "Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Rahul, you've been selected as the cutest couple for the day and you were offered a free trip to Dubai."

Everyone around them started clapping and they both were in a shock, however, they made a smile and said, "Thank you" together.

Sowmya asked Rahul silently, "What is this now Rahul, what's happening?"

Rahul then realised that he chose the offer of 'Happy Couple' dinner in the app which was giving them an instant reservation table and some discount.

He tried to explain to her and even showed her the discount offer on the app. Then, they both started laughing together silently.

Later, they both had a good dinner and left the restaurant, drove back and on the way back to hotel rooms, Rahul recollected the whole situation and the words of the receptionist. Then, he suddenly stopped the car and got out of it and also asked Sowmya to come outside. 

He holded her hands and expressed, "I'm an extrovert, while you're completely opposite. I love to talk, while you talk very less. You care for my parents more than myself. I know that you'll also care for me the same way, So.." Rahul expressed.

Sowmya was confused and smilingly said, "So, why are you telling me all this now in the middle of the road, let's go to hotel and talk. If anyone sees..."

Rahul interrupted, "I want this birthday to be some more special," saying that Rahul kneeled down and said, "I know that you've lived all your life alone in the hostels away from us after you lost your parents, but now I want you to be my life partner and I wish to be with you for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?!"

Sowmya replied, "Okay for me but I need to ask my fiance Rahul Srivastav. And also my mother-in-law who is busy in our marriage preparations for the next week."

Rahul put his head down and said, "You've been so naive since childhood. I wanted to make an official proposal, and a good memory for both of us before the marriage. But, you'll never..."

Sowmya didn't utter a single word, she kissed him on his forehead and gave a huge hug. They've hugged each other for a long time, and Sowmya said to herself, "I don't need to tell anything, you always understand me. And that's how you colour my silence with your love, again and again!"

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