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saravanan Periannan

Abstract Drama Classics


saravanan Periannan

Abstract Drama Classics

Wi-fi Hotspot

Wi-fi Hotspot

3 mins 105 3 mins 105

An imaginary story about two imaginary college students Adithan and Agilan

Agilan sits and attends online classes while his friend Adithan messages to contact him after today's classes are over.

Agilan and Adithan chat about their school life which is now the past which cannot be revisited.

Adithan suggests Agilan about a popular web series in the biggest streaming service.

Adithan shares the stuff of facts he has gathered in the web series.

Agilan comes to the conclusion that he must watch this web series.

Agilan decides to use the hotspot of both his parent's phones to download and watch the series.

Agilan while downloading the web series using an app illegally and thinks of how to lie to his parents for the internet he will be using from both their phones for downloading websites.

Agilan lies that he downloaded extra software to study for his parents.

Agilan watches some episodes of the web series and feels proud he has achieved something.

Agilan starts to tell some of his friends to watch the web series and Agilan feels proud as his thought is "when he advises his friend to watch web series, they will think of him as an intelligent."

Agilan does not concentrate well in the class and fails to submit assignments in some subjects.

Agilan then does not watch the series for few days and gets busy with submitting the assignments pending and prepares himself for the upcoming exams.

After the assignment submissions and exams get over, Agilan reads a review about the web series he watched on quora.

Agilan reads all the facts and about the so-called hype built around the series.

Agilan thinks hard about how his mind gets manipulated by the thoughts dumped into him by social media and the people around him.

Agilan realizes he has a thought process based upon which he should act and think before doing something.

Agilan gets ashamed of lying to his parents and not finishing his assignments and not listening in class which resulted in his marks loss.

Agilan unable to answer the questions his parents asked about his grades promised them to achieve good grades in the next semester.

Agilan learns of one thing he should think properly about before doing anything and plan his day-to-day activities.

Adithan calls to suggest facts of another web series to which Agilan does not pay attention as he knows it is Adithan's thoughts that may or may not be correct.

Studies are more important than attracting and impressing others because for many studies are the hope for their future.

Lies are like salt water, if you drink salt water to quench thirst then you might need to drink more salt water to quench thirst.

Think and act, thoughts are important, and do not accept all the wrong thoughts from your surroundings.

Analyze every thought because you may be manipulated by anyone.

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