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When Diwali Lights Your Inner Gloom

When Diwali Lights Your Inner Gloom

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Another Diwali draws to a close, another time she didn't go home, another year in a strange land that will never be hers, yet she'd grown so habitual to it.

It's her third Diwali away from home, once again she tried enjoying by herself. Although she has a smile on her face yet she longs to see the spark in her mom's eyes when she used to take her shopping on every Diwali eve.

Back there in her hometown, she'd have a handful of shopping options but the joy those little teddy key rings and pencil kits would bring to her would be unfathomable.

Today, she'd go to her favorite brand outlets, buy the fanciest stuff and still not feel the Diwali shopping zeal.

Somehow she realizes that the Diwali tip by her grandpa was the source of ultimate joy and her wallet full of cash, just meaningless. Her siblings' amateurish cards with Lotus spelt as 'Louts' way too precious while hundreds of Whatsapp messages utterly tasteless.

Yes, she realises a lot, but to what end?

Her independent life cannot take a U-turn now.

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