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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Maruf Hasan

Abstract Action Inspirational


Maruf Hasan

Abstract Action Inspirational

WhatNow?Flame of Old Testament

WhatNow?Flame of Old Testament

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I finished reading the Old Testament to write in Storymirror. It is evening now;and I am sitting on chair and laptop is open on my desk. It is raining outside. The drop of water sometimes is coming through my broken window. I have no life. I have no hope in life except writing. I urge to be a writer. That is my life goal. That is my dream. Here is my Storymirror. What to do now? I need to jot down and create a story for my beloved website for writers Storymirror. . . . I am bleeding inside. . . . "Lets write it down Maruffff" I forced myself 

There you gooooo. . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Old man and a boy were walking whole day along the shore of Tigris river. Both of them were so exhausted, but whole day they did not stop walking except to drink water and to have some dried food. There was not even a single man whom they encountered along the path. Evening came and they decided to spend night under the oldest tree there situated near the bank of river. They prayed to the God of Abraham in Jews way. Both of them are Jews. They ran away from Israel as most of the civilians in Israel were killed by neighboring countries. They both were able to flee somehow at night from Jerusalem. They have been walking day and night and they both forgot now how many days they are walking. The boy brought the water from the river and boiled it for two of them. They shared the water among themselves. Though they have money, but they could not have time to buy any tea or coffee. They are trying to hide their identity from people.

Old man took the cup from the boy and tried to drink.

“It is still too hot to drink” Old man said.

Boy also drank little and spoke,

“indeed, it is”

Both of them are silent and starring towards the river and open sky.

It is already dark and they saw the milky way line is visible. That’s absolutely mind-blowing feeling when you remotely observe the view.

“We can see our past” looking at sky, the boy said to the old man

The old man was thinking while looking at flowing river but he also looked back to sky when the boy talked.

“What a life?” Old man said.

Suddenly boy tried to look at the face of the old man but could not see his face due to darkness.

“Are you upset?” said the boy.

Oldman had no response.

After few moments of silent the boy looked back to milky way stars again and said with deep voice,

“Would you please tell me something about the old testament? I spent my time enjoying but never felt necessary to read old testament but I am curious nowadays to know about our Israelis history. Why are we being treated like this? My entire family members have been killed for religious reason but I do not know why. Who is God of Abraham?”

After long speech the boy seemed to finish his words.

Old man was still starring at sky…. . then after one minute he seemed to move his tongue.

“I do love to talk about the old testament in this darkness at the bank of Tigris river. The sky we are starring it was not there at the beginning. The ancient God of Abraham was there only. He is the eternal and only absolute truth. He created heavens, earth, and everything whatever needed in 6 days and he took one day rest after creating. He created Eden and your forefather Adam. Initially Adam was alone in Eden and God created Eve from his rib. Adam and Eve started living together in Eden happily. They were allowed to have all fruits in the Eden except one tree’s fruits. One day snake convinced Eve to eat the fruit from forbidden tree and Eve took the fruit and let the Adam eat as well. As a result, they lost their dress from their bodies and they are sent to earth and God cursed women with pain during birth at their child. We call it original sin today for which we are on this planet.

Adam and Eve had to struggle to have foods in Earth. The two sons of them were Cain and Abel. They cultivated crops and gave to God to accept but only one person’s crops got accepted. As a result, one brother killed other. Now for that sin, he will share the part of the sin if anyone kills because he initiated that sin of killing.

After thousand of years, Noah came and people forgot to worship God and got involved with various sins. Noah tried to convince about God for years but very few people listened to him. God ordered to build a ship and he built it. Whole earth was drowned under the water and his ship floated for many days. He took in the ship his family members and every pair of animals and what God asked him.

After many years Abraham came and he was tested by God many times and he passed successfully in every test. Abraham went to Egypt and he introduced his wife Sarai as sister to Egyptians and Egyptian king wanted to have Sarai but God warned the King about Sarai in dream. Later Egyptian king called Abraham and asked him to leave with his wife and they leave the place with some wealth. Abraham and Lot lived two different areas and Jerusalem is the promised land by the God for Abraham and his future nation. Since Sarai got no child Abraham asked to have a slave girl who is named as Hagar and she gave birth Ishmael. One day angels came to Abraham house and informed about Sarai giving birth of Isaac.

The angels went to Lot area and stayed at Lot’s house. The people came and asked Lot to handover his guests to have gay sex which they initiated in human history for the first time. Prophet Lot offered his two daughters instead but they did not listen. Angels asked Lot’s family to run towards one place and destroyed whole nation before sunrise. Prophet Lot and his two daughters survived but his wife died. Later his two daughters had sex with Prophet Lot when he was drunk at one night to create future generation as they had no husband.

By the way, Sarai asked Hagar to leave the house and Hagar left the home. Abraham tried to sacrifice Isaac for God as God tested him and Abraham passed in every test almost.  

Isaac had two sons and he mistakenly blessed to Jacob before his death since his wife made plan for that and Isaac was blind and he advised Jacob not to marry girl from different tribe, preferable to Israelis. Jacob ran away from his father’s place not to get killed by his elder brother (He did meet later on by the way).

Jacob, Israel, came to new place and worked to take care sheep for 7 years and get married to elder daughter of his owner but he wanted to marry the younger daughter (He got betrayed). Hence, he worked another 7 years to get married with younger daughter of his owner. He then married and worked another 7 years to get wealth and returned to his homeland. His first wife had several sons and one daughter but his 2nd wife had no son initially. As a result, 2nd wife asked Jacob to sleep with her slave and to give child and Jacob did and later 1st wife also asked Jacob to sleep with her side of woman slave and to give child and Jacob did it. Later, 2nd wife gave birth two children and one of them was Joseph. His mother died by giving birth of Benjamin.

One day Joseph was trapped inside the well but he got to release by some businessmen and they sold him to Egyptian man. The man took him as slave and lived there for several years until he was accused of false allegation by his owner’s wife. Later, he was released as innocent and consequently became part of Egyptian Government to serve during food crisis and the Egyptian king liked him very much for his outstanding performance for the country. He got to meet his family in Egypt due to crisis and Jacob blessed him before his death but he accused one of Joseph’s step brother to sleep with Jacob’s wife. By the way, Jacob’s daughter was forced to have sex with different tribe leader’s son and their brothers were not there during the event and when the tribe leader came and talked with Jacob’s family, one of his sons asked to circumcision for entire tribe in order to marry and deal with the Israelis. When they did it with innocent trust, the entire tribe people were killed by the Jacob’s sons since that’s the matter of honor for Israeli tribe.

Israelis worked centuries as slave of Egyptians and Moses was born to save them from Egyptian slavery. Moses was born and grew up in Egypt and killed a man by looking injustice towards his nation people and he ran to another place to hide him for few years. He got married there and had two children. Later God commanded him to go back and saved Israelis and he went with his brother Aaron as he had tongue problem while he spoke. He showed Egyptian king and people with several miraculous events and saved Israelis from slavery (Sending frogs, turning stick into snake, turning water into blood, and so on and he divided Nile river’s water to create path with his stick and Israelis crossed the river while Egyptian king, along with his soldiers drown into Nile river).

Moses lived in desert the rest of the life with Israelis. Moses talked with God directly in Mountain. One time he was late for 40 days on top of mountain and Israelis started to worship Golden cow made by Aaron. God became so angry because they worshipped other than God of Abraham as well as they said “This Golden cow God saved them from Egyptian slavery. For this ungratefulness, God became very angry but Moses asked forgiveness on behalf of them. In the desert, God provided them water and two types of heavenly foods. They often blamed Moses and said Egyptian slavery was better for them instead of living in the desert. God promised them one land and asked them to fight to get the land but Israelis refused to fight and God became so angry and banished them to live in desert next 40 years. Moses died and only God knows his graveyard.

As for laws, if someone does fornication, he or she should be stoned to death. If someone killed someone, he or she should be killed by the law. As for interest with money and wealth, this is not allowed among Israelis but allow with others. You cannot worship the God with Israelis if you are bastard son and your ten generations are not allowed. If you lost your penis or balls, you cannot join to worship with them.

As for prophesy, the future prophets come from Israelis tribe only and if anyone claims to be prophet and does not match with the sign mentioned in bible should be killed. In future, God will show mercy to Israelis again and will return their land.

Then David and his Solomon ruled the world on behalf of Israelis. Solomon had 700 wives and 300 women slaves and he built so many places for worshipping God. There were so many mystic literatures existing also as for Jew’s people to read. ”

The Old man stopped his speech.

The boy said, “you did excellent job by giving the summery of Old testament. I will definitely read the text in future if I get the chance. Do you think God of Abraham is violent, racist, misogynist and selfish and brutal for his commandments for Israelis and other nations in the world?”

The old mad replied,

“I am not sure since he is the God of the world. He knows best for us. We have no right to ask that question. He created the heaven and earth and he created us. He must be well aware of our activities. We have faults also in a sense. If he created us, we do not listen what he asked us to do. Indeed, we are very disobedient and stubborn more than sheep. You never read the old testament in your entire life. That is the ultimate failure for our nation. We do not listen what he asks. All the messengers called us for good but we turned away each time they call us for our best and we prefer slavery instead. That’s why we had to ran away today. ”

Let’s go to sleep. We need enough rest to start walking in early morning. Both of them entered in tent and lost in dream world.

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