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Omza Tripathi



Omza Tripathi


What is True Happiness?

What is True Happiness?

2 mins 264 2 mins 264

When all the guests had left,

I went back to the hall

To find my mistress there,

Staring at a picture on the wall.


A middle-aged couple

And a child among the vines,

Smiling at the camera,

Their fingers intertwined.


"Miss?", I called,

Now diverting my eyes.

But she stared at the wall,

Silence was her reply.


I stood there in the silence,

Waiting for a while.

"What do you think of me?",

She asked with a smile.


I was confused at first,

But nevertheless replied,

"I've always admired you

Since I was a child."


"I read about your life

And the struggles you faced,

But your hard work paid off

And you have aced."


"Success, fame and money,

You have it all.

I want to be like you,

No matter how much I fall."


She listened patiently,

Her smile but upside down.

I wondered what I said,

That made my mistress frown.


Now, she turned around,

And stared in disbelief.

Then, she started speaking,

Her voice heavy with grief.


"Don't dream of being like me

Cause many secrets I hold 

And you'll be the first

Whom I ever told."


"You see that picture there?

That's the family I had.

The little girl there is me

And that's my mom and dad."


"I was blinded by my desire

To earn what I have today.

Busy with my schedule,

No time for them all day."


"The only thing you see

Is the money and the fame.

I didn't even attend their funeral

And that's the biggest shame."


"Cherish what you have today'

Never be blind like me.

Always make time for those

Who pray for your prosperity."


With those words said,

She walked out of the hall

And left me standing there,

With the picture on the wall.

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