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What Being Present Means To Me

What Being Present Means To Me

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What being present means to me

It's been a busy month for me, getting ready to go home, being there for 10 days, and coming home trying to catch up on everything.

But what I learned for sure is that you must take in the moments. Life is filled with beautiful moments, loving moments, perfect snapshots of memories of people you love, things you love to do and places that fill your soul.

For me, I play as hard as I work. 

I know life is not all about making money and that's it. It's about the downtime, the quiet times, the re-energy you get from being present and grateful.

As always being home let me savor the people and places I love. It gave my soul a chance to recharge.

It made me grateful for the people I still have in my life and for being able to spend quality time with them.

I am always trying to learn something, to ask what is the lesson I need to learn from whatever comes at me. I love to read as much as I love to write, to see the ah-ha moments of things I am learning. So when my daughter Sarah gave me the book she had been reading and said it was a must-read I took it. I was shocked to see that it was Oprah's new book What I know for sure. 

Now if you know me, you know that I am a HUGE Oprah fan. She is one of the people I look up to. She did a marathon, I did one. She did a triathlon, I did one. She walked on fire, so I had to walk on fire. Over the years watching her show every day taught me so many lessons and I am so grateful for what she has done, the conversations she opened up, and how it made me think and look at things I may have not looked at before.

I was also shocked because even though my daughter knows who Oprah is, she was so young when she stopped doing her show. But I should have known with her being an old soul that she is, that she is open to all.

Well, my daughter was right, this book was an ah-ha moment for me, it had me crying, it had me laughing but most of all it had me thinking about being present in every moment.

Funny how the universe works you start thinking about something and all of a sudden it's all around you. 

Coming back from my trip home I have been in a state of gratitude, I know I am blessed and I never take that for granted.

So today my friends, my message today is to be grateful, to be present in each and every moment. Life is too short to think that you'll have more time. Stop saying I'll do it tomorrow, I'll lose weight tomorrow, when I meet the love of my life, when I get that dream job… these things may never come. 

I'll leave you with this story. Growing up my grandmother never wore all the beautiful things she owned. She always said I'm saving them for a special occasion. When she died I found all these things with the price tags still attached, it was never "special enough" for her to wear any of them.

Life is a special moment, every day we are awake is special, every breath we take in, is special and just like that, it can be over. So be present, take time out, put your phone down, wear that outfit and enjoy the moments that are in front of you because one day you'll be wishing for one more moment.

"Be the change you want to see"


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