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Sakshi Sul

Romance Fantasy Others


Sakshi Sul

Romance Fantasy Others

Wait after we parted!

Wait after we parted!

3 mins 302 3 mins 302

It was a hot sunny Sunday morning and also our very first exam.

"Exam on Sunday?"

Yes it is something behind the logic. Our college and teachers were way to far from logic and brain. I was there living with my friends in a hostel and with zero reasons to bunk the exam. 

So exam day is usually what students wish to never rise. But in my case and on this time it was totally different. I was waiting for it since the date was declared. Not waiting for the exams or question paper. This was something way different a kind of love and hope.

"For exams?"

No no it was not about it, It was all about him. Love towards him which was already constant and hope that at least today he will come.

The environment around me was so stressed, pressure and tension was again constant.

I was already away from all these and was just kind of excited to meet him, ok ok to see him" 

Will he come? Where I'll find him? What will happen? What will I do? 50 questions of same shade ran through my mind and in common it was him.

So boys were having their exams in the morning and girls in noon. Boys were calmly solving their papers under strict supervision. So then bell ranged and boys submitted their paper and it was all rush and undisciplined behavior all around.

I ran downstairs with 2x speed I guess. Heart holding all the feelings, eyes searching him all around, mind busy thinking about the things that might happen. I saw his squad discussing and bitching the question paper. I saw his friends but not him with them. 

Slowly I was losing my hope because for 20 minutes I was searching him.

Again I saw his Bestfriend and not him with him.

I lost my hopes and sat on the chair feeling empty, mind stopped thinking, heart gave up, eyes closed, and tired.

No one could notice me sitting there as it was all rush around. A crowd of 20/30 girls in front of me as if they were hiding me and my pain along

 "Leave, life goes on" I murmured and opened my eyes about to go and sit in the exam hall.

Till then! Till then! Till then! Till then what!??

I saw him! I saw him a little close to me and more far. He was busy searching for his shoes and about to go home. I was confused with 100 thoughts running in my mind and legs willing to dance around, eyes motivating my heart which had already gave up.

I ran towards him from a different path till then he was near the gate, waving his hand towards his friends and walking out of the college.

Too away from him I was just watching as far as I'm able to see.

He went! 

In my head I could really vanish all the crowd of people around us

Call his name and run towards him

Blurry all the ways and ask him to stay

Hug him tightly and cry without pain

Re-create the moments, break all the clocks so time could stop.

So I was lost and found myself dreaming!

"Come out dude he's gone"

The whole day whole night I was just thinking about those few moments and him. 

 Keys in his hand, the T-shirt he wore, The way he walked, He's tired eyes, reckless mind, and heart who didn't search me. 


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