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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Dinakar Reddy

Abstract Horror Thriller


Dinakar Reddy

Abstract Horror Thriller

Vampires in Wormhole

Vampires in Wormhole

5 mins 187 5 mins 187

Please read Prompt 5 Branch-2 to understand this part in Interactive Novel Writing Contest.

"The travel through the dimension is possible when She walks half-dead with the mystical sword."

Vincent looked at the research thesis of Charu's Grandfather. 

The thesis is almost burnt but Vincent can decode the important stuff from it.

Charu's Grandfather Dr.Sodhan has experimented with lakebed to travel through a Wormhole.


Soundarya is lying on the table in a secret place close to the lakebed. The water in the lake is creating some different noise on that day. 

An old person entered the with a syringe in his hand.

Papa, Is everything gonna be okay? 

Dr.Sodhan nodded his head and injected the serum through her neck. 

After some time, Soundarya started making animal-like sounds. She took the mystic sword which is kept in her hands and went out like a vampire.

The Sun's irradiation is syncing with the electromagnetic waves at a place. Soundarya inserted the sword into the place where the wormhole appears.

She stepped into it and while going the sword dropped on the ground. The wormhole disappeared. 

Dr.Sodhan tried to open the wormhole and he knows pure humans cannot enter. That's why he injected the vampire serum into Soundarya's body.

He never expected this situation while thinking about the experiment.

Later, he wrote the thesis of his failed experiment to travel through Wormhole and coming back.

He wrote where he kept the sword and remaining vampire serum.

He later suffered from self-loathing and tried to burn the thesis. But, his dream of wormhole travel made him stop that act.


Now, Vincent got the thesis and the sword and how to extract vampire serum.

Charu alone reached the secret place mentioned by Yuvaan in the papers. She felt someone is following her.

A vampire attacked her from the sky. Charu collapsed on the ground.

When she opened the eyes she is tied up with rope and lying on the table. 

Vincent referred to the vampire as EVIL. 

I know her mother's story. She became a vampire and opened the wormhole portal. I have sent men to abduct her for your experiment. But, anyway, as you said by killing Yuvaan she walked to us. EVIL laughed after saying this to Vincent.

Charu tried to shout. Her hand is holding the mystic sword which opens the wormhole.

Vincent holds the syringe in his hand. Charu is trying to shout.

He injected the vampire serum into Charu's nerves through the neck. 

EVIL and Vincent come outside to the place where Sun's irradiation is heating the wormhole door to open.

Charu is making sounds like an animal and Searching for blood.

She sees Vincent outside the room and walks towards him.

The wormhole is heated up. Charu puts the mystic sword at the wormhole entrance and drags it for someplace.

On the other side, she sees Soundarya giving signs not to enter.

Charu becomes emotional and enters the portal. Vincent pushes the EVIL and tries to grab the sword from Charu's hand.

EVIL gets anger and pushes Vincent into the wormhole.

The wormhole closes and vanishes and EVIL fails to enter.

Charu asks her mother what is happening?

Soundarya holds Vincent's neck and tried to bite. Charu throws Soundarya away from him.

Maa, what is happening here? Charu asks her mother.

Soundarya cries her heart out. She started explaining about the place. This is a wormhole portal where you won't find anyone else. Time is not the unit here to live.

We live forever but alone. We get hungry. But no satisfaction of eating. If you enter young you will be young forever. 

That's why I look the same as you have seen in your childhood.

Vincent tried to run away. Soundarya flies and holds him. 

Charu, we are no humans here. He is only human. Either we have to kill him or the wormhole receptors drain oxygen from his body. He is gonna die anyway.

Vincent collapsed on the ground. 

Maa, let us get out of here. Please. Charu begged Soundarya.

But how? Soundarya made a face. 

Vincent made some sounds. His voice is dull.

Irradiation. Sword... His tongue got twisted when he tried to speak.

Yes. Charu shouted. Maa, I have read this in the paper written by Yuvaan. We have to find the place where maximum irradiation is falling.

Charu placed the mystic sword at an angle of 45° to the irradiation falling on a rock.

The wormhole portal moved to the point of irradiation. Charu inserted the mystic sword into it. The wormhole opened a bit. Vincent is getting some oxygen from the environment.

Maa, go out by taking Vincent. I will open the portal door as wide as possible.

Soundarya flies and grabs Vincent. She jumps from the portal and still flies into the sky.

Charu, come. The door doesn't stay open for much time. Soundarya shouted.

Charu came out but EVIL is standing Infront of her. He tried to hug her. She moved like a doll from his back to front. Charu kicked him into the wormhole. 

EVIL tried to come out but the wormhole closes. Slowly it disappeared and EVIL is locked in a wormhole forever.

Soundarya, Vincent, and Charu go to the secret lab. Maa, Can't we be normal again? Like humans. Charu asked with tears in her eyes.

Vincent answers her question. I have developed an antidote to the serum of vampires. When your Grandfather failed to do it, I got succeeded. Vincent's eyes are glowing with a sense of achievement.

And why would you give us? Soundarya doubted his intentions.

Because you will kill me as vampires. Please believe me. I am dropping my experiments. 

He took the antidote and injected it into Charu. After some time she became normal.

Soundarya also becomes normal after taking the antidote. 

Come, let's destroy this place. Vincent requests them. They destroy the secret lab by burning it.

What about the sword? Soundarya asks. We can't destroy it. Vincent suggests throwing in on the lake.

Charu throws the sword into the lake.

EVIL is shouting in the wormhole by thinking someone will come to release him.

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