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Untold Story Of Movie Naal

Untold Story Of Movie Naal

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The water was gurgling and he was pushing his Bullock cart forward in the dousing rain. It was a small stretch of river. The heavy rain made it look dangerous with depths, he had not known before. Parvati was waiting for him at home. He finally had sold his final stock of pulses in the market. He could now handover her the money they have been needing for a very long time.Now that their family was growing, he was desperate to get more income.

He struggled with his cart on the river. He got down to push the bulls ahead. He stepped into the water he realised the force and swept him off his feet. He fell and was pulled away by the force of running water, he struggled to hold the cart and swim afloat. Unfortunately he could not and the water threw him against a rock. He smashed his head and only Parvati's face flashed in front of him before it was dark.

Parvati kept waiting for Ganpatrao, she was now due anytime. He had gone into the closest town to sell their produce. It was pouring and she was worried. She felt restless and as if feeling her emotions, the baby kept moving restlessly inside her. They were going to lose the house if they could not pay the rent. She was worried, with the baby coming how they will manage?

Her aunt was sleeping outside. She soon slept a restless sleep. In the morning, Nana came to their house, she had just woken up. He was crying and she knew something terrible has happened. He told her Ganpatrao had drowned in the river last night in the rain. She broke down crying holding her stomach. A sharp shooting coarsed through her.

Her aunt knew the baby was coming, what a timing she thought? They called the midwife and Parvati delivered a baby boy.

There was no joy in the house, as the funeral was being arranged for his father. Parvati remained weak and unconscious to say goodbye to her husband.

Days passed by and Parvati nursed the child but she couldn't feel the motherly love or joy. The child often cried and she won't even realise. Her aunt watched her drown in depression of her husband's death. They were going to lose the house. She informed Nana. Nana cousin brother of Ganpatrao was childless.

Nana suggested if his wife could take care of the child while Parvati recovered. She could stay with aunt at her place.

Parvati got angry when her aunt suggested that she parts with the child.

"How could you say this, kaki?" She said. "He is all I have of Ganpatrao."

"Parvati, you don't have house anymore, nor do you have family apart from your brother who is jobless." Her aunt said, "how will you take care of the baby, tell me?"

"Nana is good man, his wife is childless and would love to raise your son. He will raise him well, Parvati. Make this sacrifice for your son." Aunt argued.

Parvati was silently crying, knowing this was true. She could not raise her son, and if she kept him any longer she will not be able to give him up. Reluctantly she agreed to her aunt's suggestion.

Nana came the next week with his wife to take the child.

"What have you named him?"Nana asked Parvati.

"Today is the 40th day, dada. I haven't named him. Maybe Taai and you can name him." Parvati said, tears streamed down her face.

Nana's wife cradled the child in her arms and looked at the angelic face.

"We should name him Chaitanya" she said.

"That's a lovely name, Taai. Please take care of him as your own." Parvati said, "I just have one more request."

"What?" Asked Nana.

"Please don't tell him about me. And I don't want to know about him either." Parvati choked while saying this. She left the room, no more able to see her son being taken away.

Nana and his wife left with a little bundle of joy in their arms.

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