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Unsuccessful Love Life

Unsuccessful Love Life

3 mins

Madhuri was born in a middle-class family. Her father was in the Army. He was a very hard working person. He used to devote his full time towards his work. Even he used to come for leave after 4 months. It was a long gap. He settled his family in Pune. He was having 2 brothers. They used to live at their hometown Satara.

As every father has a deep bonding with their daughter the same Madhuri 's father had towards her. She was having one brother also, Mayur. They used to stay with their mother, Sindhu. Both parents tried to give all the necessary things to both of them but it was not at all for them. They used to live in a house where the doors were not there. The house was not at all good or satisfactory. They used to somehow manage in that. Their father was not having much money to do but he needed to give the money to his family members i. e. at his hometown. That money was being used for what purpose who was there to ask them?? He never asked them about it.

As Madhuri grew up she fell in love but the person was not of her caste and in villages such topics are discussed on a wide range. She tried to run away from the home even she did that one day she told her parents, "I am going out."

Her parents felt that she will come back after some time. But she didn't come after a long period of time then they had a doubt on her where she had gone? They called her friends but no one knew where she was. After a few days, her parents came to know that she ran away with a person who was totally different from their caste and they both got married. Madhuri was just 18 years old girl. At the age of focusing on studies she did such things due to this the reputation of his parents went forever in the society as well as in the hometown. But Madhuri was happy with her life but her father was not so he didn't keep anything related to her memory in the house and told her wife and son not to take her name in the house anymore. Due to this Sindhu was hurt from inside and her father was not able to show her tears.

Here, Madhuri goes from the best moments of her life as she was going to give birth to a child. A baby boy was born in that family. But their life turned after 2 years, her husband fell sick. He was having Cancer. It was in the last stage. Doctors had raised their hands. Madhuri tried a lot to contact her parents but she was not able to do so. She somehow managed to get Mayur's number with the help of social media and tried to contact them. It was not at all easy but somehow after 5-6 calls, she was able to talk to her parents. She told them everything. Her parents visited the hospital. After a few days, her husband died. She cried a lot at the time of burning him but her parents acted in such a way that she was a neighbor for them.

Due to her husband's death, his parents decided to bring her home but with the condition that her child will not come with her. She gave her child in the hands of her husband's brother and wife. By doing all the legal procedure, she will not be having any kind of relationship with her child. She came back home with her parents...

Every love story doesn't have a romantic end.

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