Unforgettable Crush..!

Unforgettable Crush..!

2 mins

Dear sir..! 

I don't know whether it is crush, but

For the first time, when I see you

I felt like you are an inspiration for many

You easily mingle with everyone and 

Every one start respecting you

As well as, they love to talk to you 

Actually, it was same for me to, 

I also want to talk to you like all

But as an introvert I feel it's difficult 

For me to behave like all

Every day I listen to you, 

With all my interest to gain 

A good remark from you 

I never expect that day will come

Into my hands of fate

That time came, to meet you

I can't take away my eyes from you 

My heart start impressing

With your words,

Slowly.. slowly I fell for your smile

And for your actions 

Even your anger made 

Me made towards you

I don't have an idea about these feelings,

But my breathe flies in excitement 

With an unknown emotion

When you surround me


When you pass through the corridor 

My heart pauses a second to see you 

My eyes staring at you, hiding my blushes 

My friends catch my feelings towards you

They started to embrace me with your name

I limit all my feelings to my heart,

Unfortunately, I can't stop my eyes to express 

Days passing like a second in your thoughts, 

Everyday, I just wait for your class 

When you are leaving the class, 

My heart drowns in despair 

But, a motivation from my soul

To see you again makes me breath 

I will tell you a secret now.. 

Actually, I never listen to your classes

I just stare at you and lost in my thoughts

Thinking like, how god made you 

Like this, never ending smile, impressing words and a good heart to

Listen all students problems

I know I don't have courage to said

All these feelings to you! 

So I write this letter to convey my feelings

I know you just smile after reading this

remembering my childish behavior. 

Anyway, I remove the burden in my heart

With bunch of unexpressed feelings. 


Your favourite student!

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