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Be a part of the contest Navratri Diaries, a contest to celebrate Navratri through stories and poems and win exciting prizes!

Dharmesh Parmar



Dharmesh Parmar


Unbreakable Bond

Unbreakable Bond

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This is a story of Raghav Desai who belongs to Ahmedabad(Gujarat). He has an introvert personality. He is 5.6 feet long, a little bit dark and his curly hair makes him cute and his soft voice can steal the heart of anyone. After clearing 12th science for a better career option, he decided to study in Bangalore. He doesn't know whether he has taken the right decision or not? He usually doesn't travel on trains but due to weather issues, he traveled through train. Raghav was irritated by noise of train. He put cotton on his ears and started reading his book "alchemist". Suddenly a girl came to the compartment and asked him to share a seat. Raghav felt a little bit uncomfortable but later he agreed. That girl has a heavy suitcase so she can't lift it up. Raghav looked at her and he is confused about whether he should talk to her or not. After a couple of moments, he cleared his throat and asked.

Raghav asked, "Can I help you?"

That girl replied, "If you don't mind, sure!"

Raghav helped her. Both smiled at each other then they continued their work.

That girl's name is Ishita who is from Bangalore and she is a fashion designer. For some office work, she came to Ahmedabad. She knows English very well. She is very talkative.

Ishita took out the packet of chips from his bag and started eating. There are no more people in their compartment, so she started looking at the whole compartment. She looked at Raghav.

She asked Raghav, "Would you like to take chips?"

Raghav doesn't talk too much to everyone, especially strangers. He nodded negatively. Suddenly, Ishita watched the book "alchemist" in the hands of Raghav. Alchemist is her all-time favorite book and paulo coelho is her favorite author.

Ishita asked," How much do you complete?"

Raghav said, “I just started reading this book it’s amazing!"

Ishita said," I have completed this one and it is my favorite"

And the whole conversation has been started. Raghav started involving in the conversation and both became friends.

After reaching a platform, both smiled at each other and then went to their destined places.

Raghav went to the S.R engineering clg for his admission. After completing the procedure of admission, he went to the hostel and took a rest for a while. He has brought his food(Gujarati food) in his lunch box and the smell of the food spread all over the hostel campus. After a minute few young boys came to the room of Raghav and welcomed him. They all became friends and shared their lunch.

After a few days, he went outside to travel to the city. He went to the restaurant, but there he was new so, he does not have a brief knowledge about food because the taste of people there was different. Fortunately, Ishita came. She wore a white dress and heels in the feet. The sound of heels makes compulsion for everyone to look at her. Raghav called her. She looked at him and tried to remember if they met earlier. Her eyes sparked. She greets him and sat next to him.

Raghav: I don't know what to order? Please order something delicious, Ishita.

Ishita ordered 2 sandwiches and coffee.

Ishita: So, how's your college-going on?

Raghav: it was good and how's your work?

Ishita: It is boring stuff, I'm going to resign.

Raghav: But why do you want to resign? I think it is a good job.

Ishita: ya, it is a good job but I'm going to start my own business.

Raghav: Great idea!

Ishita: Do you like the city?

Raghav: it is an awesome city! Here's culture is

different. I'm going to explore new things here. I want to travel to this whole city. I want to explore each new thing here. I will create so many memories here.

Ishita: if you don't mind, I will bring you to every place over here.

Raghav: so grateful you are!

Ishita: we will meet on a Sunday morning here.

And the coffee was finished.

They both were left with a gentle smile.

Raghav was doing his study very well but he has a lot of time to spare and he did not have many friends. so, he must deal with boredom. He met a boy who was a friend of a friend, his name is Ved. They became friends. Ved is doing from another college and he also has free time, so he was doing a part-time job in the national bar. Raghav impressed and asked him for an internship. After a couple of days, Ved took him to the bar and gave him a job. Now Raghav went for the college in the morning and come back in the afternoon, he studies the whole afternoon and goes for a bar at night for work is a daily routine of a Raghav.

6 Months passed like this. Raghav went for a college and a job now he is satisfied. He meets new people every day in the bar, some people are good, and some are as bad as devils. He understood that this world is not as good as people told us. There are so much anxiety, depression, and poverty in the world. He knows that not every people are happy. Though he knows only some are happy. Now he can deal with the world.

One day in the bar, approximately at 11: 30 pm. he went for a restroom but suddenly he heard a voice of a lady who is shouting and asking someone for help. Raghav went nearer to that room where the lady was situated. He opened a door slightly to saw who was inside the room and that girl was Ishita. Ishita tries to push that man away but he was abusing her continuously. Raghav kicked the door and opened it. Ishita tried to hide behind him. Raghav slapped that man. The man was so dunked that he can't defend himself and slipped on the floor unconsciously. Raghav gently hugged her and gave her a handkerchief to wipe the tear. Ishita thanked him.

After a silence of 10 minutes, Raghav broke the silence.

Raghav: Are you comfortable, Ishita? Let me drop you to the home?

Ishita nodded her head and gave him permission.

Raghav and Ishita went to her home by an auto-rickshaw. Raghav dropped her and suggested her to forget that bad incident. Ishita looked at him very politely. There was silence spreader all over the road. They both were looking at each other like they were looking at some mysterious thing. They both were very close that they can feel the breath of each other. The sound of night was very romantic and suddenly Ishita ran towards her house.

Raghav shouted, " Can we please meet tomorrow at the restaurant where we met for the first time in Bangalore in the afternoon?"

Ishita replied positively. The next day, Raghav was waiting for her. This time Ishita was so late. Raghav was waiting for her without any frustration. Ishita came and she wore the same dress and the same heel. This time also she took the attention of everyone through the sound of the heel.

Ishita came sat next to him. Raghav ordered two cups of coffee. The waiter came and served the coffee. Raghav continuously smiling at her. Ishita stopped him to do that.

After a couple of minutes,

Raghav asked, " Who was that guy who was abusing you?"

Ishita: He was my boss

Raghav: Then why he was abusing you?

Ishita: Do you remember I came to Ahmedabad for a meeting?

Raghav: When you met me on the train?

Ishita: Yes, absolutely!

Raghav: Then what happened?

Ishita: I came to Ahmedabad for a meeting with a leading company in fashion and they give us the contract. So, the boss decided to give me a treat. We came to the bar for a celebration but thank for being there. I will never forget your benefaction.

Raghav: It's my duty to help everyone.

Ishita: By the way, Boss called me in the morning and apologize to me. What do you think about whether I should forgive him or not?

Raghav: I think if he is a good man and you know him then you should forgive him because to forgive someone is the most courageous thing only strong people can forgive someone. And I know, you are a very strong girl.

Ishita: Thanks for the compliment! You are right.

Both exchanged their mobile numbers.

Raghav and Ishita completed their coffee and went to their own work.

When Raghav was attending the lecture of biology prof. Madhav came and informed that the date of exams is changed, and the exams were scheduled after a month. Raghav must prepare for his exam. When Raghav was studying in the hostel.

Ishita called him.

Ishita: Where are you?

Raghav: I am at the hostel.

Ishita: What are you doing there?

Raghav: I am studying.

Ishita: Oh man! Are you studying! This is the most mysterious thing I've ever heard.

(Ishita laughed loudly)

Raghav: Please, stop laughing Ishita after a month, there's an exam.

Ishita: I know, Can I help you?

Raghav: What can you do?

Ishita: I've studied science before I pursued fashion designing.

Raghav: Sure, if it does not trouble you?

Ishita: You are my friend and I can do that for you.

Raghav: Thank you!

Ishita: Shell I come to your hostel now?

Raghav: No, I must ask me in charge.

Ishita: Sure, when you need me, call me anytime.

And I must tell you an important thing.

Raghav: What is it?

Ishita: When I meet you, I'll tell.

Raghav: Thank you! Bye.

Ishita: Bye.

Raghav called Ishita.

Raghav: Hello! Are you free right now?

Ishita: Yes, I am

Raghav: Can you please help me to solve some queries?

Ishita: Sure, I am free. Share your address on WhatsApp. I'll come.

Raghav: Sure.

Raghav shared his address on WhatsApp.

Ishita knocked on the door. Raghav opened it. He greeted her and welcomed her. When he closed the door all the boys of the hostel looked at him. Raghav scold them and He closed the door.

Raghav: How are you?

Ishita: I am alright and you?

Raghav: I am not so much good. Can you help me to solve this problem?

(He pointed his finger on the book)

Ishita: It is easy. I can solve it.

Ishita started teaching him.

After a while, they were stopped and took a break. Raghav made a coffee for her.

Both started drinking the coffee.

Raghav: So, have you forgiven your boss?

Ishita: Yes, I have forgiven him and, I resigned from my job.

Raghav: It's great!

Ishita: I want to share a thing with you. But I don't know should I share it or not?

Raghav: You can trust me.

Ishita: I trust you. My parents want to see me married and, they have shortlisted some boys for me and I liked one profile and I want to share with you. Can you please suggest to me? Should he be right for me or not?

Raghav: I can surely help you.

Ishita gave him a photo.

Ishita: His name is Ishaan. He is a doctor and he is 6 feet long, dark and handsome. Like every girl wish to have this kind of partner.

Raghav: He is good. You both will look perfect when you were together. Ishaan is so lucky to have you and your name also matches with him.

Ishita: Thanks for the compliment. I will meet him today in the afternoon in the restaurant and I will tell you the experience.

Ishita: But now we should complete your study.

After solving the problem, Ishita left.

Raghav called her after two days.

Raghav: Hello, would you have met Ishaan?

Ishita: Do you still remember his name?

Raghav: Yes, he has a similar name to yours.

Ishita: I met him. He is quite as shy as you. He is a very humble man. He respects all old people. I think he is a good person.

Raghav: All the boys behave gently with a girl in their first meeting.

Ishita: I don't think so!

Raghav: Ok bye, I must study. I will call after an exam.

Raghav prepared so much for the exam. Now, this is the time to show his preparation.

Raghav packed his bag for an exam, the first one is the chemistry exam. Raghav called his parents for a blessing. When he put his phone suddenly Ishita called him for the good wishes for his exam.

Raghav went to his exam center. Raghav asked the peon for room number 108 in college. Peon pointed his finger on the second floor and gave him a clarification.

Raghav entered the room and sat on his destined seat. His supervisor sir came, and the bell rang. Sir distributed the papers. Raghav looked at the empty seat next to him.

After a few minutes, A girl came and asked sir for permission to enter the class. Sir scold her and gave her permission. She wore a blue shirt and black jeans. Her eyes were a little bit brown which was looking so beautiful in the sunlight. She sat next to Raghav and smiled. Her name is Renuka.

Raghav was staring at her continuously. She noticed it and told him to not to do that.

Renuka whispered.

Renuka: Do you know the answer to 2nd question?

Raghav opened the question paper and looked at the question no. 2 and told her the answer and started writing his paper. Renuka asked him for the question of 6th. Raghav answered her. This thing was continued in every exam.

On the last day of an exam.

Raghav: What's your name?

Renuka: My name is Renuka.

Raghav: Can we meet today at the cafe after an exam?

Renuka: Sorry, I have some work to do. I can't come but I can come tomorrow.

Raghav agreed. Both met at a cafe.

Renuka: By the way, What's your name?

Raghav: My name is Raghav.

They started discussing their exams and exchanged their mobile number. They became friends. After some time, both left.

Raghav and Renuka started communicating through phones. Both fell in love with each other.

Ishita called Raghav but Raghav was speaking to Renuka. Ishita called him continuously but he didn't reply.

After an hour's ring bell to Ishita's phone. Ishita rejected. Another ring bells. Ishita picked it.

Ishita: hey, you stupid! Don't you have eyes to look at my name on your phone? Why don't you pick up my phone?

Raghav: Sorry, I must tell you a thing. Should we meet?

Ishita: Where?

Raghav: Our favorite place.

Raghav reached the restaurant. Ishita came sat next to him.

Ishita: So, tell me! Where are you from a month? Have you ever felt that there's your one friend who is waiting for your call?

Raghav: Sorry but I've met someone.

Ishita: Who?

Raghav: She is Renuka and She is my exam partner and we are best friends now.

Ishita: So you fell in love with her?

Raghav: I am not sure. And by the way how's Ishaan is?

Ishita: He is good, and we are going to being engaged after a month.

Raghav: Congratulations!

Ishita: You must have to come with Renuka.

Raghav: Sure! I want to propose to her. Can you please help me?

Ishita told him to take her for dinner and after that gave her roses and propose her. Raghav and Ishita left by saying congratulations to each other.

Raghav did exactly what Ishita told him to do. Renuka agreed and gave him a warm hug.

After a month they attended the ring ceremony of Ishita.

After a ceremony, the father of Ishita announced the date of marriage of Ishita and Ishaan and It was exactly after six months.

Everyone, there was happy except Ishita. Raghav noticed it and took her to the terrace.

Raghav: Don't you happy with the decision of your father?

Ishita: Raghav, I want sometime!

Raghav: Then tell father.

Ishita: I can't do that. My father won't understand.

Raghav: They will.

Renuka came and told Raghav that she was getting late.

Raghav and Renuka left.

After six-month Ishita married and Raghav and Ranula attended their marriage.

After 3 years Raghav graduated and came back to Ahmedabad. Raghav got a certified job in a big pharma company. His father advised him to marry a good girl.

After a dinner Raghav and his father watching tv programmed.

Father: My friend Pankaj Ravel’s daughter Jigyasa is now eligible for marriage and she is marketing head in a big company. If you like her, I will talk to her father about your marriage with her?

Raghav cleared his throat.

Raghav: I like a girl.

Father: Who is she?

Raghav: She is Renuka and she was my friend in Bangalore.

For a while, he doesn’t agree but after some time, he agreed and told Raghav to meet his family.

Raghav called her continuously but she didn't reply. Raghav decided to go to Bangalore to meet her. Raghav went there and he knew that she was engaged with somebody and now she doesn't have any feelings about Raghav.

Raghav came back and started doing work and told his father that he won't marry any girl. Now he lost his trust from everybody.

After 5 years he became the CEO of the company and he was totally devoted to his work. Now, he wants to expand his company. He wants to start his new company in Kolkata.

He went to Kolkata to visit locations. He was so much tired that he took a rest and went to the nearer restaurant. He ordered a cup of coffee. Suddenly he heard a known voice. He looked back and saw there was Ishita.

He called her. She came and sat next to him.

Raghav: What are you doing here?

Ishita: You tell me, what are you doing here?

Raghav: I want to start my new company here, so I am here.

Ishita: Where is Renuka?

Raghav: I don't know.

Ishita: What do you mean?

Raghav: Our relationship was over.

Ishita: Why and how?

Raghav: When I came back to Bangalore to took her with me. She was engaged.

Ishita: Do you ask her?

Raghav: What?

Ishita: Do you ask her, she was engaged with her own will or not?

Raghav: That chapter is over, and it won't open again. By the way, how's your married life going?

Ishita: I was divorced.

Raghav: How?

Ishita: He was a very unsecured man. He doesn't know how to treat a girl. He used to beat me daily. He was an alcoholic. He was intoxicated every night.

Raghav: But he was a doctor.

Ishita: So, what, who said that the doctor doesn't drink? So, I decided to get a divorce and I came to Kolkata.

Raghav: What are you doing here?

Ishita: I am working for a fashion company. When I was with you that was a great time! I have gathered so many memories in my mind with you. You are the most important person in my life. I won't forget you.

Raghav: If you like. You can come with me?

Ishita: Where?

Raghav: My home.

Ishita: What will you say to society? Who am I to you?

Raghav: My wife.

Ishita: Look, that time is over, and we won't come together.

Ishita can see the softness in his eyes. Ishita came closer to him. Ishita kissed him and left.

Raghav and Ishita passed their whole life with the memories of each other. This is the story of real friendship.

Sometimes friendship is better than love.

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