Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Vartika Murpani

Abstract Others


Vartika Murpani

Abstract Others

Two Friends Are Into Conversation Tonight

Two Friends Are Into Conversation Tonight

2 mins

 (Aarti and Vartika are sitting in a useless manner doing a very nonsensical talk wherein Vartika opens the laptop and starts typing it.)

A: HMMMMMMMM (laughs)

   Are you gonna do that? {sighs}

(still chuckling)

V: how long are you gonna do that? (intends at her laugh)

(eyes at her)

A: (bursts yet another chuckle)

Okay done

V: What do you feel, Art?

A: Numb yet blissful.

V: Explainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  How can you feel anything if you numb, dumb?

A: I have no answer for this!

V: There is no answer for this!

A: What?

V: What What?

A: Nothing.

V: Your numb nothingness has gotten to me!

A: How could you feel that?

V: (smiles) Who said I could feel? It just has formed a dark useless cloud above my head. It's factual data!

A: Let it go!

V: Can you let you and your numbing little nothingness go?

A: Maybe after a while.

V: How's that?

A: If any of us speaks something!

V: Aren't we already speaking?

A: (goes blank) I meant talking over something specific.

V: like to get somewhere we have to leave from somewhere, to attain something we have to let go of nothingness

A: Do you think there is something beautiful than nothingness?

V: I know you are!

A: (smiles) Maybe I have started relating myself to nothingness.

V: What you think and feel, what you see and hear is what you be!

A: In that case my surroundings make me listen to something else which I do not expect, my eyes see those things I never thought of,

V: Life is not your servant to fulfil your expectations!

A: Maybe life has made me one, with my guilty allowances.

V: Never guilt on your allowance but always remember who is your allowing ones.

A: Maybe lack of trust leads to guilt!

V: You don’t own yourself fully, how do you expect trust from yourself, fully?

A: (goes silent, bites her nail)

V: Can you feel now?

A: Ask me that again tomorrow to get a better reply.

V: You do feel numbness so I guess we have a win.

A: Thankfully it's not numb but numb feel.

V: I think we'll be alright until we cherish the numbing into our feels and feelings in our numbness.

A: That's a good thought to consider this a curtain.

V: Well you have a good time numb feeling yourself.

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