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Dipanjan Bhattacharjee

Romance Tragedy


Dipanjan Bhattacharjee

Romance Tragedy

True Love Lives Beyond

True Love Lives Beyond

9 mins 203 9 mins 203

It was mid of March. New session was about to begin in Saint Loreto Convent School. Rupak and Rudra were busy collecting books for the new session. Class 8 it would be. Another fresh page to their schooling academics. 

Rupak was the son of Dr Palash Ghosh, an ENT Specialist in a private clinic. Rudra's dad was a grocery retailer. Though their family backgrounds and financial schema were asymmetrical, their friendship was beyond human perception. They woke up together, played together, had meals together, studied together and much more.

Rudra's affordability was way below Rupak but he never felt a tinge of his inability of affording quality education, good books, notes from expensive private tutors and a lot more due to his unconditional friendship with Rupak. 

It was 3rd April, a sunny summer Monday.

Rupak and Rudra had their breakfast and started strolling towards their school gate. New books adorned their new school bag and the aroma of the new print of those books wafted through the streets behind the duo.

Ratan Lal, the gate keeper greeted them with a Good Morning, and they walked inside with smiling faces. It was the first day of 8th standard. Mr Ashim Roy, their new class teacher greeted them all.

All of a sudden, Rudra noticed a new girl in the class. She was shy and found it yet more difficult to communicate with the other pupils in the class. She tried talking to the female students but they all turned their deaf ears to this poor girl.

In the first break, Rudra went up to her and gathered courage. He has never opened up to a girl before. Hi, he muttered. The girl gazed up to see his mildly grinning lips. Hello, she replied, yet more mild and polite. My name is Rudra, Rudra Chatterjee. What's yours? He asked with a bit more enthusiasm than before. Hey, I am Saheli. Saheli Ganguly. You know, I am new to this place. I am new to Kolkata. We used to stay in Mumbai. 

Wow!!! That's so cool. I also dream of going to Mumbai. Did you meet those filmstars? I want to meet a couple of them. 

And in this way, their conversations began. It marked the onset of the blooming of a new rose bud that blossomed in the garden of love.

Rudra and Saheli became best mates in no time. They shared food, notes and also moments of happiness and emptiness.

Rupak witnessed this with immmese joy. The three of them became the three musketeers of Loreto Convent in no time.

Years went off. And one day, they stepped into their 10th standard marking the onset of the most vital year in the academic profile of a student.

Few months of classes went on undisturbed untill one day. It was a Friday. Rupak went to Rudra's house as usual. Rudra, Rudra!! He uttered his name. To his surprise Rudra didn't come out. Instead, his mother walked out with tearful eyes. 

Rupak, I was about to go to your house. Your best friend is missing. He eloped. She said.

Rupak stood in hush, stunned to infinity.

He thought to himself, where might he go? He never even yawns without telling me. 

Rupak went to school alone and informed Mr Sameer Dey, their present class teacher, about the incident. 

By evening, they discovered that even Saheli was missing. Saheli's dad lodged an FIR against Rudra for abducting her daughter. 

Rupak was tensed beyond limits now. He went ahead and started inspecting the missing case in his own way. He spoke to his school juniors. He started gathering all possible information related to Rudra and Saheli. After two days of extensive research, he got a break. A guy from 6th standard confessed that he has seen them going towards a village few miles east from there.

Rupak sniffed like a police dog and finally joined clues from here and there to reach the spot. He caught hold of Rudra and Saheli even before the police could do. To his surprise, he found that the desperate couple have already tied knots of the purest form of relationship. In simple words, they married each other in the village temple. Rupak was furious at Rudra. You idiot!!! What have you done? Why didn't you unveil your plan to me at least once. I would have guided you. 

After scolding him a lot, he forced them to return to their place. Even the police was informed. Rupak intervened along with his dad to speak to Saheli's dad and make him empathise with the poor guy and withdraw his FIR against Rudra.

After hours of hot and cold discussions, he agreed to withdraw his charges against Rudra. But his anger foced him to take some clodhopping decisions about his family. Since he was a senior officer serving the Central Government, he took a transfer order and vanished within few days with his entire family, vacating the government bunglow. No one knew where they went.

Here, the poor fellow, Rudra started living a pathetic life. His love was snatched off from him. The school authority banned him from attending classes and even banned him from the boards. Private tutors refused to help him in any ways possible. He was isolated and people hated him like anything. 

But, even amidst this grave days, Rupak stood, erect beside him. He went to the Principal of Loreto Convent and pleaded him to allow Rudra atleast for the boards. He promised, Rudra will never bother them in classes. After couple of hours, Father McKluskey agreed to allow Rudra only for the boards. 

Rupak went to school, attended classes, attended private tutors and prepared lucid notes the entire day. In the evening, he taught these stuffs to his soul buddy Rudra. Days went off and finally the day of boards arrived. The two mates after days of united preparations, went ahead to face the first challenge of their student life.

They wrote paper after paper without a blink. Their confidence kissed the blue sky. After completion of the examinations, they eagerly waited to taste the fruits of their labour and extreme hardwork for months.

So, finally the day arrived. The holy day of results. They went to their school to check the notice board. And the result declared Rupak as the School Topper with 99.98% marks and Rudra as the second topper with 98.89% score. They came out with flying colours. They wanted to spread their wings to touch the sky. 

Now, they needed to make some serious choices. Their streams for plus two awaited their green flag. 

Rupak went ahead with pure science to crack engineering. Rudra chose bio science to make his way into the vast field of medicine. 

Another two years went through in mixed chores of study and relaxation. They still enjoyed days of togetherness. Their friendship has become an example for many in their school now. They became the role model for their fellow juniors.

Finally, they were writing their plus two boards. They prepared the common papers together and the differing ones by themselves. After completion of their boards, they went on to write their respective joint entrance examinations.

Rupak wrote the one for engineering and Rudra for medicine. After couple of months, they expected their final results. Firstly, the boards declared their scores and once again the two champs broke all state records. Then, came the final result of the joints. Rupak ranked 6th in engineering and Rudra ranked 2nd in medicine. They rocked again and this time the major hit. Rupak got into Jadavpur Engineering College, Kolkata one of the premier colleges in the entire eastern zone. He chose Mechanical Engineering as his stream. Rudra, on the other hand, cracked Calcutta Medical College, the best in the zone and joined MBBS.

Their college life spelled a new era in their lives. The two friend now lived in different corners of the city. Both of them stayed in college hostels. 

Years passed and they kept excelling in their college career. With a flamboyant scorecard, they embellished their professional profile. Rupak joined a PSU as an Engineer and Rudra joined Calcutta Medical College and Hospital as a resident doctor.

Both of them planted their first milestones of a brilliant career.

After 6 years, Rupak was now promoted as the Chief Manager, Production, while Rudra completed his PG in Advanced Neuro Surgery from Imperial College of Medicine, London and is now leading a team of fellow Neuro Surgeons in Calcutta Medical College and Hospital. 

Delhi is a city that often people plan to visit once in their lifetime. The so called capital city of India is worth visiting once atleast. It was a dull evening, and the streets of Delhi were flooded with human heads. A thousand pair of legs hurried from one street to another. 

Amidst all these chaos, an Ambulance entered the premises of the All India Institute of Medical Science. A patient was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

She was serious and needed immediate ventilation. She was connected to the ventilator and a nebulizer was fixed to her thoracic tract. A patient monitor began measuring her weak bio signals. The case was allocated to Dr N.L Sharma, a senior Neurologist.

After serious observations and critical research on the patient data and her responses to past medications, they declared it a case beyond their abilities.

Immediately, the case was supposed to be transferred to the best neurologist of the country. The name that popped up infront of them read Dr Rudra Chatterjee, MBBS( Calcutta Medical College and Hospital), M.S Advanced Neuro Surgery( Imperial college, London).

Soon his number was dialled by the H.O.D.(Department of Neuroscience, AIIMS).

Rudra, was busy preparing a routine plan for the week. Just then, his telephone rang up to bring him back to senses. The call was from AIIMS and he was requested to immediately take up the case along with his expert medical team.

The next morning, Rudra and a team of 6 specialised doctors reached Delhi by the first morning flight.

Dr Rudra walked inside, opening through the door of the ICU. He was accompanied by Dr Sharma who had to officially hand over the patient to him. He went closer to the patient and his eyesight beheld the face for a moment. He was shocked to death. She was none other than his love of life, Saheli Ganguly. He fought with himself to stop the incalcitrant drops of tears from flooding his eyeballs. He started reading through the case history and within few hours understood the disease she was suffering from. In medical terms, it is known as Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS). It is a rare neurological disorder in which the body's immune system mistakenly attacks part of its peripheral nervous system—the network of nerves located outside of the brain and spinal cord. GBS can range from a very mild case with brief weakness to nearly devastating paralysis, leaving the person unable to breathe independently.

It was a severe case of GBS and his beloved Saheli was in her final days.

He spoke to the Director and got her discharged. He took her unresponsive human body to his hotel room. He brought a packet of vermilion powder and married her in the very way she was in. Married her once again. He promised to her unresponsive ears and mind to be her beloved husband till he breathes his last breath. A drop of tear rolled down her impassive eyes and a faded smile embellished her white lips. She gasped one last time and left the world forever.

Rudra sat frozen gazing at her eyes. I love you Saheli, he spoke with a broken voice.

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