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Pu has a dog named Tony. He loved it very much. Pu took it when it was very little. Pu took care very much. Now it grew up. Pu thought that it needed a company. So he brought another small dog. Tony was happy.

Tony 's work raised. Now it's about two pets. So he is busy. His parents are not happy. Pu needs to study more. Now pu has kittens as well. So there are lots of works for their pets.

Pu's parents decided to put back the pets. So they took the oldest one Tony for puntying back.

But the public was very sad. But somehow Pu's parents managed pu to do that.

Pu was very sad.

Pu 's parents took Tony and put back. After 7 days in the morning, there was a bark. Pu went and open the door and saw Tony.

Tony came back because it couldn't stay over there. It wanted to stay with Pu.

Pu's parents now understood that how Tony loves Pu.

They all are happy.

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